Author Topic: Neptunes are the only producers who'll give snoop hit songs..i dont blame him!  (Read 451 times)


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i found it pretty strange that snoop gave shoutouts to young buck, banks and even eminem on that new snoop\50 track. i was waiting for him to mention dre but....???? im sure we'll hear snoop on detox (but he better not sing, dre will have none of that)



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i dont mind snoop getting beats from the neptunes
i believe the neptunes put some nice beats (super thug, what happend to that boy.. etc)
but his choice of the beats and his raps over them suck IMO

CLASSIC.... west is BACK

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How come in the last 2 or 3 years no one has asked Snoop or Dre why they wont work together?

 I still cant believe he turned on Dre over JD
I dont think he "turned" on Dre over that JD beef.  He was just saying, how many times had Suge dissed Dre/Snoop and Dre would never say shit, and then he acting all tough when a lil pussy like JD says somethin minor about him.  Shit aint right. 

But is this the real reason why they havnt worked together?  I hope not, its sad if it is tho  ???

Ive often thought that was exactly the reason why they dont work together more.....