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Official: Arafat has liver failure
« on: November 07, 2004, 04:55:15 PM »
PARIS - Yasser Arafat, critically ill in a Paris hospital, has suffered liver failure, a Palestinian official said on Sunday as Arafat’s subordinates decided in his absence to enforce a law and order plan in Palestinian areas.

Arafat's deupty, Mahmoud Abbas, and Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia plan to travel to Paris on Monday to visit the hospitalized president, Palestinian officials said.

Abbas and Qureia, overseeing Palestinian affairs in the West Bank and Gaza since Arafat was flown to a hospital near Paris on Oct. 29, decided to go to France so they could be “personally reassured” about his condition, one of the officials said. “Contacts are under way with people in France to ensure they can see the president in person,” the official said.

French foreign minister Michel Barnier described Yasser Arafat’s condition Sunday as “very complex, very serious and stable” but did not give details about his exact state or diagnosis.

Israeli speculation focuses on Tuesday
“He’s alive,” Barnier said in an interview with LCI television. Asked about reports that the 75-year-old Palestinian leader is in fact brain dead, Barnier replied: “I wouldn’t say that.”

But the Web site of Israel’s biggest newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, quoted an unidentified senior Israeli police officer as saying that “the working assumption in Israel is that Arafat will be disconnected from medical equipment on Tuesday.”

Israel: Arafat to be buried in Gaza
Israel said that plans were being drawn up for Arafat to be buried in the Gaza Strip, not in Jerusalem as the ailing Palestinian leader wishes. Jerusalem is holy both to Muslims and Jews, but Israeli officials refuse to bury him in land which Israel says is part of its indivisible capital.

Aides previously gave conflicting reports about the 75-year-old Arafat's health and concern grew about who will succeed him and the fate of Middle East peace efforts that have stalled.

Some aides said he was not in a coma. Others said his condition was so bad that he might be moved to Cairo, from where he could be flown home more quickly if he died.

‘His condition is not improving’
“He has liver failure. His condition is not improving,” said a Palestinian official in the West Bank who declined to be named. “One option being considered is moving him to Cairo.”

The official said any decision to move Arafat could be taken only by the Palestinian leadership. He added that a low count of platelets, which help the blood clot, meant blood transfusions were proving difficult.

Doctors have ruled out leukemia but remain puzzled why Arafat’s health deteriorated sharply last week at the military hospital in a southwest Paris suburb where he has been having tests since he was airlifted there from the West Bank on Oct. 29.

Mohammad Dahlan, Arafat’s former security chief in Gaza, said he would travel to Jordan during the day and then go to the West Bank to brief Palestinian leaders on Arafat's health. He was then expected to go to Cairo.

Key events in Yasser Arafat's life

Return to ‘road map’?
Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, on a visit to China, urged the Palestinians not to abandon efforts to end decades of conflict if Arafat dies.

“We would like to see a moderate Palestinian leadership that is taking the lead and moving towards a full implementation of the road map (international peace plan),” Shalom said.

In Gaza, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Queria called for unity at talks with representatives of Islamic and nationalist militant factions on Saturday.

Militant leaders, seen as political rivals to the governing Palestinian Authority, said Queria had “agreed in principle” to their demand that he assign them policy powers in a temporary unified leadership they want created if Arafat dies.

Queria, regarded as a moderate who wants peace talks with Israel, told reporters: “We are talking about unity in all forms and aspects.” He gave no details.

Some of Arafat’s powers over security and financing have been transferred to Queria but the president has not suggested a preferred successor.

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Re: Official: Arafat has liver failure
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I had an uncle witrh liver failure. Arafat doesn't have much longer to live than for sure. He should help the people find a leader while he's still alive.


Re: Official: Arafat has liver failure
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damn shame...


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Re: Official: Arafat has liver failure
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2004, 07:12:03 PM »
my uncle died of that 2.  He found out an 2 weeks later he was dead