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LA TOIYA WILLIAMS (a real soulful sista)
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Nowadays it’s hard to find real talent. Yet the voice of this young woman emotes power and soul.

LaToiya Williams was born and raised in Watts, Los Angeles. Raised in the church, her music has strong church influences. She has had the pleasure to travel around the world with legendary vocalists, such as Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and many more.

Williams’ career started at the age of four, belting out her first church solo, "Feel Me Jesus." She was given the chance to sing background for Yolanda Adams at the age of 15, in addition to joining Gladys Knight’s camp at the age of 18. She’s sung in the Broadway musical "Smokin’ Joe’s Cafe," and graced "The Ballad of Jimmy Bones" on the "Bones" soundtrack.

Once you hear her sultry voice, you’ll have to stand up and take notice of this talented vocalist! I had the pleasure to speak with the newest member of Snoop’s stable of protégées, "Doggystyle", LoToiya Williams.

Eden: I loved your single on the "Bones" soundtrack. How did that come to be?

LaToiya: Well, my manager Supafly introduced me to Snoop. From there it was on. The track really showed my true talent. Supafly wrote the lyrics, he writes all my lyrics. Snoop wanted me to use my vocals for more than just hooks.

Eden: Now touch on entering in Doggystyle?

LaToiya: I met Snoop through Supafly. He wanted to put me on everything he did. He loves my voice. He saw talent and ran with it. (Laughing)

Eden:You are the only female in Doggystyle, how’s the chemistry, you hold it down right? (Laughing)

LaToiya: Of course! Snoop and I have a big brother, lil’ sis type relationship. We talk constantly. In fact everyone in Doggystyle is like family. We have meetings. Everyone has love, though I’m the only girl, it’s nothing but respect.

Eden: Now you are pretty lucky, you’ve had the opportunity to sing with a legend like Gladys Knight, talk a little about that…

LaToiya: I met Gladys through my godbrother. He played the bass for Gladys. He’s a huge gospel bass player. We clicked very well, Gladys and I.

Eden: How is the relationship between you now?

LaToiya: Gladys is like my godmother. We always talk, calling each other. I’ve had the chance to open shows for her. She continuously tells me to stay strong and keep on.

Eden: What distinguishes you from other R&B vocalists?

LaToiya: I sing from the heart and soul. It’s not a show for me. I put myself in the music. I’m not doing this as a hobby; it’s really me.

Eden: People have compared you to Aretha Franklin, how would you describe your style of music?

LaToiya: Very soulful, (laughing). Where I go, my church background is there.

Eden: What’s the inspiration behind the song "Fallen Star," which is on Snoop’s compilation album "Welcome to Tha House, Vo. 1"?

LaToiya: "Fallen Star," again Supafly wrote it, is just about relationships. It’s talking about broken promises. The song tells you to keep on going after you’ve been lied to and experienced broken promises.

Eden: Deep…I know we all can relate. Who are some artists you have had the change to work with?

LaToiya: Man, legends! Great people! The Temptations, Dionne Warwick, and the Four Tops, Frankie Beverly and Maze. Also new gospel artists Mary Mary and Yolanda Adams. I was able to tour with Gladys in Europe along with Dionne Warwick.

Eden: Wow! You are really lucky! Talk about your relationship with Mary Mary…

LaToiya: Mary Mary are like my sisters, I’m working with them as well. We go way back… Great friendship!

Eden: Do you feel the industry treats you differently because you refuse to be a sex symbol?

LaToiya: No. It’s hard for me to be a sex symbol. I think it’s that I’ve been singing around great people, I can be looked at for my talent. Plus I’m a little thick (laughing).

Eden: How responsive is the church to your music?

LaToiya: They love it! I’m going to Bible study today (laughing) They have my back! They continuously pray for me. I’ve been blessed to have the church support.

Eden: Where are you looking to take your career?

LaToiya: I want to take it all over the world, Broadway plays, gospel, movies. I want to be the best at all I do. I love music, jazz and blues.

Eden: Your top five vocalists?

LaToiya: Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Angie Stone, Bilal, and Mary Mary.

Eden: What’s the latest fashion in your closet?

LaToiya: I like simplicity. I do like leather and heels. I want to bring back the old style when performing, like Luther’s and Gladys’. I want to bring back wearing elaborate gowns when performing. (Laughing) I really like that!

Eden: Your secret to success?

LaToiya: Prayer…that’s the secret. God is no secret. I prayed to sing with Gladys Knight, Mary Mary and Snoop. I’m taking steps. It’s all about prayer.

Eden: When can we expect your album to be released?

LaToiya: Not sure the date, but sometime next year. Be on the look out!

Eden: Lastly, some inspiring words?

LaToiya: I want to talk to the sistas aspiring to a career in R&B coming from gospel. Keep God first! Keep him within yourself. He can make you grow! God has his hands on you. Don’t be afraid, God put people here for other reasons. As long as he’s within, you will survive…

Eden: Thanks you are definitely a strong spiritual sista…Enjoyed the opportunity

LaToiya: My pleasure…God bless

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I said it, since I've heard her on Daz's "R.A.W" album for the first time...  ;)
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