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« on: November 28, 2004, 01:19:20 PM »
What up, drop some feed back.

Whats up with your pop song, all it is is one long choris,
playing all day on the radio, what you trying to do fuckin bore us,
industry hate us cos we don't turn trick when they try to whore us,
acquired more knowledge then the rank of high lama,
lyrical content causes deadly trauma, to the brain
atomic bomb you with the beat, whack mcs better retreat,
or face defeat, im stalking you in a dangerous way like john Lennon,
fuck with me, put you on a plane with a one way ticket to heaven,
u aint saying nothing, your message is fucked like the destiny church reverend,
I come equip with the deadliest weapon, truth, planting the seed in the minds of the youth,
the next generation of the movement, striving for improvement,
im trying to get out this bitch, the system,
till the day i die ima stay resisting,
police aint for our protection, government population control henchmen,
drip feed the poor so theres more for the rich,
the way they run the world, aint it a bitch, dump there chemical waste in a ditch,
a comet wont be the end, man made apocalypse
The rich raping the world’s resources,
The beast causing me to take serious courses,
My mission to destroy corporate pedophile bosses,
Fucking the children of this world,
Stealing our land for the quick grand in hand,
Keep us dumb and confused is there plan,
Iv been chosen, for truth I stand,
Were like a whore for the rich,
Fuck us and leave us to deal with the disease,
Myth of religion, manipulation, mind imprison,
Causing division in earths children,
The pope chillin with the devil, crusades, Christian illin’,
Death in the name of god is still sinning,
Chillin on the herb, grown in the ground,
Through this path true enlightenment I have found,
Peace inside yourself, well of inner wealth, organic health,
Mass religion hides the truth,
Brain washed followers thinking alternative ideas uncouth.

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keep it up

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The effort you took towards making this rhyme intellectual is laudable, yet your rhyme scheme was about as ill as Timberland.

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Dre -  Source 1996 cover

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Fucking dope that.