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CREDITS: B.G.- Livin' Legend
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B.G.- Livin' Legend
Chopper City/Koch Records 2003

Disc 1
1.Fuck You (Intro)
Produced By: Kidd

2.I'm Out Here f/Hakim and Sniper
Produced By: Kidd and B.G.

3.Clean Up Man Part 2
Produced By: Kidd and B.G.

4.I Keep It Gangsta
Produced By: Kidd and B.G.

5.Hottest of The Hot
Produced By: Kidd

6.The Club Scene (Skit)

7.Batt'Em Up f/GAR and Red
Produced By: Kidd

8.Only 4 U f/Wyndi
Produced By: T.Smooth

9.Real Niggas & Real Bitches
Produced By: Kidd

10.Do What You Do
Produced By: Soulja

11.Let It Flow f/Hakim, GAR, Sniper and Wyndi
Produced By: T.Smooth

Produced By: T.Smooth

13.My Son & Daughter
Produced By: Kidd

14.Just Like That
Produced By: Kidd

15.Duckin The Law f/Hakim and Sniper
Produced By: Kidd

16.Shoot'Em Up & Bang Bang
Produced By: Ke-Noe

17.Reality Check Part 2
Produced By: Kidd

18. Hottest of the Hot (Michael "Beat-N-Azz" Crooms Remix)
Produced By: Michael "Beat-N-Azz" Crooms (DJ Smurf)

Bonus Bootleg Disc
1.I Keep It Real f/GAR
2.Bling Bling Slim
3.That's What I Want f/M.Kizzle
4.Fuck That Shit
5.For Tha Money f/GAR
6.Jack Who? Take What?
7.Thought I Was Gone
8.Been Doing This
9.Catch The Wall f/Josephine Johnny, Hakim
Produced By: Kenoe
10.Replacement Killers f/Wood & Kenoe
11.In The Hood
12.The Second Line
13.U Not My Dog f/Soulja Slim
14.However U Want It f/GAR & Sniper
15.Throw Your Hands Up f/Hakim
16.Reality Check
17.Hottest Of the Hot (Clinton Sparks Remix)