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« on: November 30, 2004, 08:39:02 AM »
 im pissed off gonna let off some steam....
motherfucks ima gettin sick of this shit,
lies deception nontruthful facts, i need a hit,
been cravin smokin weed for so long,
feel like smashin on any motherfucker not passin the bong,
let me chill, let me be free, fuck im goin insane,
blood, torture fists flyin, cuttin blades, all thats on my brain,
feel like walkin the streets n unleashin on any sucka,
try lookin at me awkward ill serve ya with my bloody clutter,
got a screwdriver that wont shut up, its reachin for my hand,
wants me to commit myself to the devil and his evil plans,
dreamt last nite my enemies are a schemin,
woke up in a cold sweat i left all there throats leakin,
ear to ear all three mother fuckers sent to their caller,
now ill be followin them to the screamin and shoutin of the evil father,
been clenchin my fists so hard for so long,
the wall doesnt cut the release no more i need to puncture lungs,
need to get out, need to let go, bein pulled back to the sound,
grinding mashing crunching of teethe buried under ground,
cant dig ure way out once u buried under,
infinity is a long time to be feelin no sounder,
fuck it i feel better now dont take this shit seriously,
thoughts portrayed onto paper writin shit vicously.
>:( >:( >:( >:( >:(