Author Topic: my neighbor and his stupid Nas Illmatic rumors. let me know what you think.  (Read 303 times)

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Quick is a legend in Cali, but that's about it. In/to the rest of the hiphop world, he's just one dope producer out of many...

word, i didn't know mc eiht eather till i started comming to this board


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i dont really see how nas couldve lost his rhyme book when ny state of mind was on illmatic. he wrote that when he was 16. not to mention halftime was out 2 years before illmatic...doesnt make much sense...
I ain't little but vicious, guns no misses You feel me, kisses or wishes, fore I break you up like dishes Fuck your bosses, my forces, endorses To kill all your sources y'all niggas best be cautious No losses, my fortress, is Jaguars and Porsche's Ride the OTB to check my money on the horses My horrors is flawless, my block one of the broadest Off the main attraction for them whitey ass tourists That I tosses, it scorches, with out no remorses Leave they bloody body to be found in Mount Morris