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**Lootpack - Soundpieces : Da Antidote!**
« on: December 20, 2004, 10:21:56 AM »

Lootpack -Soundpieces : Da Antidote!
Stones Throw Records, Groove Attack
Executive Producer : Peanut Butter Wolf

1.  Da Antidote - Just an intro, a bit weird really..

2.  Questions - Great song to start off the album, with very good production on this one. Wildchild starts with a good verse and flow is on point as always. Madlib then does his verse with amazing flow on this one. Both artists make this one a winner. Madlib just made this beat amazing along with some very fine scratches by romes near the end.

Chorus :Question, how many MC's do you know like this?
The type who can freestyle, check it I must insist
But before I stop my mic check and cock back my fist
The LP gots to MC


3.  Long Awaited (feat. Dilated Peoples - I really love the beat on this track, the whistles in the back really make it come off sounding dope. The chorus sounds great with everyone adding to it. Everyone comes off tight on this track.  5/5

4.  B-Boy Theme - Not too much to say about this one, only :52 seconds long. Just Wildchild saying some stuff about b-boys. X/5  the beat sounds cool.

5.  Whenimondamic -  Probably my favourite song on the album, the beat seems to stand out to me, the voice in the background helps it out a bit too. Wildchild's flow comes off nicely on this track, hook too. Possibly the most soulful track on the album, it shows the dedication to sincerity and high-quality lyrics, and the production is amazing.

Anything it takes to bring b-boy style back
anything for you to say my rhyme style's phat
But I'll die before this wack mc infects me,
hip hop industry, until the point I cannot breathe,


6.  The Anthem - A dope beat on this one, and Wildchild and Madlib do a good job at mc'in it too. Telling how "gangsta" rappers act all hard on camera but then off camera they're all soft. Both mcs make the chorus come off pretty tight. Adds nicely to the album.  5/5

7. Level Zero (feat. Oh No & Medaphoar) - I realllly love the beat on this one. Wildchild starts it off, then Medaphoar delivers a very dope verse and flow is crazy. Madlib comes 3rd with his unique flow and adds to the song, then his brother Oh No comes with a pretty good verse. Imo Medaphoar has the best verse on this track. 4.5/5

8. Crate Diggin' - The beat on this one is again a pretty amazing one by The Beat Conductor himself. Madlib is just telling us about the vinyls he looks for everywhere and digging for them, how hard it is and looking for the best exact one. High prices even lol.

9. Law of Physics - This song has come pretty good scratches by DJ Romes on the tight beat by The Beat Conductor. The chorus is really tight aswell. Wildchild comes with a tight verse too, Madlib's is up to par. My only complaint is the length is a bit short with it being 2:20.  4/5

10. Frendz vs. Endz (feat. Kazi) - This beat fits Madlib's flow and voice on this track. He starts by saying everything you hear in rap nowadays e.g. Hey yo, it's about sex, lies, money, murder, jewels, cars
Clothes, hos, hats, blunts, and gats
. Then Kazi comes followed by Wildchild sounding tight as always. The whole track just basically explains how stupid the mainstream scene is now, another track how stupid it is, but the anthem is better.  I give it a 4/5

11. Interview with Kurt - This is just Wildchild talkin with Kutmaster Kurt (I think) and answering all his questions. Explaining LP's purpose is to come bring back the old b-boy style of hip hop and raw vibe with positive tips.  X/5

12. Speaker Smashin' - Starts with the chorus which sounds dope. Wildchild starts off and Madlib followed second. Both addapt to the beat very well and making it sound dope. 4/5

13. New Year's Resolution - Im really feeling the beat on this track, Madlib did a great job here.Wildchild comes off DOPE with his verses, also does a great chorus job too. He really does great work here with Madlib's beat. Dont know what else to say about this one but 5/5!!

14. Answers (feat. Quasimoto) - Alright defenetly one of the best songs off the album, this beat is straight fire by Madlib. He makes it sound so good I dont know how he does it. His verse is really dope with little appearances by Quasimoto. Some excellent mixes/scratches by Romes. Wildchild again comes off amazing with his verse, he also does a great job on the chorus here.

Madlib -We come though spreading light
While ya weak lyrics spread negative hype
We kicking true forms of music, sketches of sound increase
Niggas try to stop the force, (you know we on course)
Thinking that they have the source (when ya catch 'em, show 'em no remorse

Wildchild - People around the world realize they trying to play us like 8-track
I formulate rhymes to educate all those who's killing
Music be the only way to express how I'm feeling
Ya conniving like Clinton, with more nerve than, Judge Judy
You'd be a good ass looking girl because ya rhymes sound booty


15. Likwit Fusion (feat. Tha Alkaholiks & Defari) - Defari throws a verse in, then the track starts with my 2nd favourite underground mc, Tash, throws out a really dope verse with his excellent flow and voice.
 Tash has mastered more styles than *motherfucking* Bernie Grundman
The beats make me tweak everytime I speak, you can't take the heat,
Y'all niggas need to turn the other cheek, the L-I-K, the W-I-T
Y'all niggas better go and rush that Lootpack LP

After Tash comes Wildchild with an insane flow here,
You was the only one with a mic in your hand claiming you rocked the *shit*
Like a lunar eclipse, as soon as it clips to ya mind state that
Jack rhymes great, black, like strikes umpire takes back
As I get underground like CIA's, I be's dope, IC's like cops always need

Then comes J-Ro mixing it up with Madlib verse after verse, both sounding pretty dope here.
Defari comes last and he deserves it with the verse he throws down, flow is amazin.
Yo... my Notebooks always in my brain
I mean even if fly, my mind forget a line
I still remember names and phrases
And endless pages of lyrics that are spirits
That's why I'm Likwit Crew member to the fullest
Defari, bust back with the Lootpack rock the Palm alot
That's why these broads grab my arm a lot and hold it tight
Flossy A's and money A's all night
I'm low kizzy on the rhyme be weekly
Then I'm up at tops they say teach me
And so I do teach the truth to the youth (Meanwhile)
Back at the lab, brand new singles are hits
This Lootpack *shit* straight Likwit...Fusion


16. Hityawitdat - Alright, another track with Madlib only. The beat is pretty good, relaxing. Madlib's verses are very good, just more about his skills basically on this one. The chorus I dont really like, but beat makes up for it.  4.5/5

17. Verbal Experiments (feat. Godz Gift) - Before the track starts you hear an AMAZING beat for about 20 seconds(I still have to find out where its from). Then the track starts with Godz Gift throwing the first verse coming off strong and sounding good. Wildchild second probably sounding the best on this track and showing his skills on this. Madlib is next hey yo here comes the master don here to renovate, not a bad verse by him. Godz Gift gives one more verse to the track and ending it. The Beat I would say is pretty good, I guess some people may not like the background voices, myself included they can get annoying after a while, but they still make it sound pretty cool. I give this track 5/5

18. Stylewild - Not too much to this one, just a 35 second freestyle by Wildchild on a bangin' beat for it. X/5

19. Weededed - This is probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite song off the album. Wildchild explains how mcs smoke weed to enhance their rhymes with the help of being baked, and explains how he doesn't need it. The production by Madlib is again like he always does and amazing. The chorus comes off pretty tight too.

"I hear wack rumors, but yo, it's hard to cool Wild Child down
I don't clown, I just come forth kicking that Lootpack sound
I give props with my Likwit Crew MC's I rock with
I unlock styles like locksmith "


Never am I weededed
"I don't have to smoke..."
Yeah, weededed
Every time you say a freestyle, you must be weededed
I never needed it
"I don't have to smoke a blunt to get pepped up"

-"Wild Child, known to most people as Cracker Jack
Your style got no flav like licorice that be black
I'm offending when I start bending men
Coming forth with 100% adrenaline
It's not my fault when I come with hip hop from my heart
I get pissed when wack MC's step up and test my art"

20. 20 Questions (feat. Quasimoto) - This track is basically Quasimoto's coming and asking Madlib 20 questions about himself, Madlib sounds tight on this one, the beat is bangin' aswell. There's not much to rate on this one seeing as how its only 1:06, but it still sounds pretty dope for that short of a song so I guess 4/5

21. Break Dat Party (feat. Declaime) - The track starts off with all 3 mcs introducing themselves, then Declaime starts out first, with a pretty good flow goin', some people may not like his voice, I think its pretty cool soundin though, so it probably comes to preference with Declaime. Wildchild steps up 2nd and sounds great on this track, making sure all the wack mcs know he'll take them out. Madlib then comes on last with a short beat pause when he starts, pretty good verse, he can always sound good on whichever beat he makes, so props to him for that. The track ends with each of the artists opening introductions and then ending. 4.5/5

22. Wanna Test (feat. Medaphoar) - Before the track starts there's a really nice jazzy tune which is pretty laidback and nice. Then once the track starts, you hear some amazing skills from Madlib which is what he's explaining in here. Medaphoar makes a pretty cool chorus some people might find his voice annoying, but I think he sounds pretty dope.. This is a track with no Wildchild, as amazing as he is, its pretty cool to hear a track with only Madlib on it. 4.25/5

23. Episodes (feat. Kazi, Godz Gift, Declaime, Oh No & Medaphoar) - Alright, the last track on the album(besides an outro). This track is called Episodes and does actually include several different beat changes and switches. This track is very impressive and everyone on here throws amazing verses, Wildchild has one in particular which is amazing on episode 5. Episode 1 features Kazi and Madlib mixin it up. Episode 2 is strictly Godz Gift showin off some skills just like on Verbal Experiments. Episode 3 is Declaime. Episode 4 is Oh No & Medaphoar who both give very good verses and add to this track very nicely. And again, Episode 5 is Wildchild which is probably the best.  5/5

24. Outro - Track 24 -"Outro"  which is exactly what it is.

ALRIGHT SO MY OVERALL,  This album is the definition of ILL as Madlib would say. 5/5, 10/10, 100/100.  Lootpack is my favourite group out there and will be for a long time, each member has so much skill and uniqueness that they make a dream trio. This album just shows how good of artists they are and how amazing of sounds they can come up with (whenimondamic especially). If you havn't heard this album which I know probably alot of you havn't I can't stress enough for you to check it out. Download, buy, whatever just make sure you hear this classic. 


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Re: **Lootpack - Soundpieces : Da Antidote!**
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Dope review man, this album is amazing. Madlib kills it on production, and Wildchild bring some dope verses throughout the album. "Weedened" is defo my fav offa the album though.

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Re: **Lootpack - Soundpieces : Da Antidote!**
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Thanks for the feedback.  It seems you and I are the only ones who know who they are lol..


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Re: **Lootpack - Soundpieces : Da Antidote!**
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never heard


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Re: **Lootpack - Soundpieces : Da Antidote!**
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i like it too. good read man.