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DJ QUIK new interview
« on: September 10, 2002, 02:16:25 AM »

" So, Quik you have your own label. What's that all about?

DJ Quik: Well, it's all about having my own label finally. It's like, I wish I would've had it a couple of years ago, but everything happens when it's suppose to. I went through a lot of headaches and stuff being signed to the record companies, and while I was going through it, I was learning. I was being quiet and soaking up the game and learning a lot of it so I could put it into action when I finally got free, and I did.

ST: So what else you been up to?

DJ Quik: I've been producing. Ain't nothing more fun than making records. Well, I'm kinda exaggerating. Riding motorcycles is fun. Partying is fun, but producing is number one. I've just been in the studio making records.

ST: So, what flavor can we expect on this album.

DJ Quik: On my new album, Under the Inlfuence? Under the Influence is kind of a concept album. It's always been my dream to produce a lot of East Coast rappers with West Coast music. I always wanted to hear that together, you know, and every now and then we'd get like one or two songs like that. But I kinda like combined it as well as I could to blend the whole East Coast artist, West Coast rap, and that's the concept behind it. It's a lot of fun and something different.

ST: Now tell us about this song, Trouble.

DJ Quik: Trouble? Trouble's my fighting record. That record just gets in your skin, you know. It's like, I was angry and I had some law suits going and people was disrespecting me and I figured if I put it in records, I ain't really gotta trip on it, so I put it on wax and talked about it and it set me free.

\ST: Now is there anything different on this project you have out right now that DJ Quik fans might be surprised about or...

DJ Quik: Musically, well, I think they will be surpised that ain't no anger on this record. It ain't like I'm mad cuz I'm fighting with a record company to get my money or I got personal problems. To me it's like my first record, it's like the record I've always wanted to do. Like when my first record came up, Quik is the Name, it ultimately went Platinum plus, I wasn't thinking about the business, we was just doing records to have fun. Well this record, my sixth record, it's like I've come full circle. It's about having fun on this record. It wasn't really no headaches. So, musically I'm like on one real bad. I'm doing some other things musically, like I got a record on this album called One on One which actually Source Magazine gave me like Phat Tapes - put it in Phat Tapes column. Imagine Prince and Roger Troutman on a record, in their prime, like Darling Nikki mixed with Computer Love, you know, just experiment with music like that.

ST: You worked with so many people, done so many things. What's left on your list of people to work with or things you still wanna do?

DJ Quik: I still want to experiment with music. I still want to blend like... just recently I did a Hindi song for Dr. Dre's artist Truth Hurts featuring Rakim called Addictive. It's like a Hindu sample over like a HIp Hop beat. I want to keep experimenting with music like that. Maybe some Hawaiian music over some Samba, some Bossa Nova - I don't know. I just want to like keep mixing musics together, 'cause I see that when you mix music together you bring groups of people together that you wouldn't normally see together, and I like how that works, how music brings people together."