Author Topic: New Worldwide Westside Rapper West Coast Sh!!t  (Read 83 times)


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New Worldwide Westside Rapper West Coast Sh!!t
« on: January 12, 2005, 01:50:17 AM »
what's really good? i go by the name of NickLess and i run with http://www.WWSMAG.COM aka Worldwide Westside which is doing HUGE things right now ...this is some stuff i recorded a while ago on a cheap ass mic with some clean ass beats i think it came out sicc as $@!# but that's jsut my opinion and other people who i showed it 2..i'm just asking for a lil feedback from all over the globe so hit it up real quick i know you got some time 8)

Here's the site

Give me some feedback good or bad please that's all i'm asking for ... West Coast
Peace and God Bless

(all these tracks are non mastered and non profit)
...l00k out for Me...

dj west koast

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Re: New Worldwide Westside Rapper West Coast Sh!!t
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2005, 01:23:59 AM »
yo cool shit man....sounnds good...keep it up...and matter if ppl dont give u feedback, kus i put my threads on shit like this, and i see like no views n shit u what u gotta do, and dont stop...this is a tip...never think ur good enuf tho...keep gettin better...if ur rappin to do somethin...keep doin this, and gettin better....good shit...yo n u got time...cehck out my site....its in this section...under Dj West Koast Official Thread....peace out...n drop some more heat.