Author Topic: Beautiful Story of Muslim and Christians During the 14th Cent. Black Plaque  (Read 68 times)

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This is from the great 14th Century African Muslim Adventurer Ibn Battuta, who is one of the world's most famous travelers along with Marco Polo.

Here is the excerpt about Muslims and Christians in the multicultural society of Syria, experiencing together the black plague of the 14th Century.


"All mundane routines of the city had come to a halt.  The people fasted for three successive days, the last of which was a Thursday.  At the end of this period the amirs, sharifs, qadis, doctors of the Law, and all other classes of the people in their several degrees, assembled in the Great mosque, until it was filled to overflowing with them, and spent Thursday night there in prayers and liturgies and supplications.  Then, after performing the dawn prayer... they all went out together on foot carying Korans in their hands--the amirs barefooted. 

The entire population of the city joined in the exodus, male and female, small and large, the Jews went out with their book of the law and the Christians with their Gospel, their women and children with them; the whole concourse of them in tears and humble supplications, imploring the favor of God through His Books and His Prophets"


... Beautiful....that's deep.  It's cartharsis, it gives you deeper insight into mankind to read of how religious faiths dealt with one of the greatest calamities ever to befall mankind.

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