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CREDITS: Suberrappin The Album Vol II
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Disc One:

1. Amazin
Performed by Thrust
Produced by Collizhun

2. Turn The Party Out
Performed by Biz Markie
Produced by DJ Paul Nice

3. Ya'll Not Ready
Performed by Infamous MC
Produced by Killa

4. Truth In Position
Performed by Maspyke
Produced by DJ Roddy Rod

5. Late October
Performed by Five Deez
Produced by Fat Jon

6. Minders
Performed by Rubix
Produced by R.Thentic

7. 1 Of A Kind
Performed by Bravo & Sandman
Produced by Bravo

8. Monumental
Performed by Lone Catalysts
Produced by J. Rawls

9. Spread Love
Performed by Mike Zoot f/Labba
Produced by Ayatollah

10. Do That Dance
Performed by Declaime f/Medaphoar
Produced by Kankick

11. How You Love That
Performed by I.G. Off & Hazadous
Produced by J. Rawls

Disc Two:

1. Last Call Pt 2
Performed by Obscure Disorder
Produced by Dave 1

2. I Don't Know Either
Performed by Mr. Complex
Produced by DJ Spinna

3. Break Through
Performed by Guage
Produced by Ge-ology

4. Ascension
Performed by BJ Digby
Produced by J. Rawls

5. This Is What They Meant
Performed by Pete Rock (f/Grand Agent)
Produced by Grand Agent

6. Carolina Skies
Performed by Loer Velocity (f/Probe.DMS)
Produced by J.Blend

7. Ships Pass
Performed by J Live
Produced by J. Rawls

8. Ol' Crew
Performed by Mr. Lif
Produced by Insight

9. Kali Wow
Performed by Kali Wild
Produced by Oh No

10. AM/PM
Performed by K-Otix
Producer unknown

11. I Gotta Have It Again
Performed by Royal Flush
Produced by DJ Buda