Author Topic: George Soros vs. T. Boone Pickens & Robert Perry  (Read 65 times)


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George Soros vs. T. Boone Pickens & Robert Perry
« on: January 17, 2005, 04:55:29 PM »
Another example of republican hyprocrisy and right wing media bias.....  for everyone of you who knows that "George Soros is trying to buy the democratic party" how many of you know who T. Boone Pickens or Robert Perry are?

But compare the differences.... Soros is an international philanthropist who gives away around $500 million on an annual basis to support the development of 'open, democractic societies.'  Unlike Pickens, Soros is a genuine philanthropist who only spends his money to fight for causes he deems worthwhile.  He gives away milllions every year, not because he is looking to buy politicians and make more money.  He is a billionaire who has no desire to lobby to make money, yet bigotted hypocritical republicans, like Dennis Hastert the republican speaker of the house who suggested Soros gets his money from drug cartels, slandered him repeatedly.

Meanwhile, T. Boone Pickens, and Bob Perry, republican counterparts for Soros, gave millions to the republicans, and it went largely unnoticed, and uncriticized.  No one claimed these guys were "buying Bush" but they are REAL lobbyists who were donating because they felt Bush's policies were in their interests. 


T. Boone Pickens gave 5.5 million to the republican party through 527 donations in 2004.  90% went to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
Bob Perry: 8 Million
Jerry Perenchio: 4.2 Million
Alex Spanos: 5 Million

This is a short list of some of the people who do own our government.  Post Election, Boone Pickens, the Billionare Oil Man from Texas commented: "I think I got more for my money than George (Soros) did for his."   The difference was Soros was never trying to buy anything, while Pickens was.  Pickens is the wealthiest oil producer in the U.S., and he voted Bush not because he was looking out for America, but because he is hoping Bush opens up Alaska to drilling.  Bush may never allow drilling in Alaska, but he stated its not out of the question  If he doesn't well then T. Boone is outta luck, but bettin 5 million on a 50/50 chance to make a few billion isn't such a bad deal.

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