Author Topic: GOP caught in a shameful advertising scheme.  (Read 65 times)


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GOP caught in a shameful advertising scheme.
« on: January 30, 2005, 03:06:12 PM »
A GOP PAC began running this ad attempting to criticize those who no longer support Iraq War:

What you don't see in this advertisement is the shameless photoshop manipulation of the original picture which can be seen below:

The girl in this picture is being treated for a gunshot wound after her entire family was caught in the crossfire between U.S. marines and iraqi insurgents.  Her mother was killed, her father was also shot, and her brother survived uninjured.  After this story and pic was posted by Reuters a GOP group had the gall to photoshop a pic of a innocent child with a gunshot wound and turn into a propaganda piece for the Bush Administration.  I don't dispute the fact that many iraqis are happy to see america there helping them establish a democracy.  But the fact that the GOP would use an image of a wounded girl who just lost her mother to create a peice of trashy political propaganda is disgusting to say the least.