Author Topic: CREDITS: The Day Hell Broke Loose 2 AKA Major Without A Major Deal  (Read 409 times)


1. Intro

2. Cash That I Got
Performed by Mike Jones, Lil Keke, Slim Thug
Produced by Speez

3. Still Tippin
Performed by Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Paul Wall
Produced by Michael "5000" Watts and Salih Williams

4. Got It Sowed Up
Performed by Mike Jones
Produced by Salih Williams

5. Throwd
Performed by 5th Ward Weebie, Mike Jones, Choppa
Produced by Kojak

6. Hustlin
Performed by Lil Keke, Mike Jones, Killa Kyleon
Produced by Salih Williams

7. Gone Head
Performed by Mike Jones, Chelcie Guidry, Cydnee Williams
Produced bu Kojak

8. Step Ya Game Up
Performed by Paul Wall, Mike Jones
Produced by Speez

9. Magno & Killa
Performed by Magnificant, Kill Kyleon
Produced by Speez

10. Skit

11. Lying
Performed by Mike Jones, Honey
Produced by Anthony Sears

12. Rulez
Performed by Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Mz. Trinity
Produced by Kojak

13. I'm A Balla
Performed by Towdown, Danno, Mel
Produced by Jhorge The Conquerer

14. Freestyle
Performed by Magnificant, Paul Wall, Tum Tum, Mike Jones
Produced by The Craft
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