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Spaceballs T.V.
« on: January 21, 2005, 01:54:45 PM »
i was hoping for a sequel to the movie...not too hyped about this news though

Spaceballs on TV
Brooks bringing classic spoof to the tube.

January 20, 2005 - Mel Brooks is resurrecting his 1987 Star Wars spoof Spaceballs and bringing it to the small screen in the form of an animated series, according to today's Variety.

Rumors of a big-screen sequel to the film have persisted for years, but Brooks apparently thought the material was better suited for the animated television format.

Variety reveals that the Brooks hopes to create an a show that parodies the new wave of science fiction and fantasy films like the Star Wars prequels and The Lord of the Rings movies.

Brooks will reportedly be working with Thomas Meehan, who co-wrote the Spaceballs movie, on the new series. The pair will produce the pilot and supervise the writing of the other installments.  They'll create an hour-long pilot episode as well as 13 half-hour episodes.

The project is reportedly being created for TV through a three-way collaboration between Brooks, MGM TV and Berliner Film Company.

The good news for fans of the original is that both President Skroob and Yogurt will be back, both voiced by Brooks.

There's no time frame given on when the Spaceballs series might get underway. Stay tuned, and may the Schwartz be with you.

-- Brian Linder