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B.O.N.E. Enterprises(BTNH) - Faces of Death
« on: January 27, 2005, 02:56:44 PM »

 This is Bones first album released in 1992-93 before Creepin on ah come up. This shit was released in a low-budget label when Bone were young bucks surving in Cleveland.

1. Faces of Death(intro) - Cool introduction to who the the Thugs are. Each member puts a small verse introducing themselves. Beat is okay.  3.5/5

2. Flow Motion - Each member flows their ass off espically Krayzie. Krayzies Verse has to be one of the fastest ive heard ever period. The beat is decent.  4/5

3. Everyday Thang -  Just a song about surving everday in Clevland. Going trough everday thangs such as killing, slangin, and smoking. Beat iz pretty shitty.  3/5

4.Def Dick - Song about the bitches. Each member talks about the hoes and fucking. The hook is cool and the beat is good onsidering the low-budget production.  4/5

5.Sons Of Assassins - Best song on the album. Its pretty self-explanitory the subject matter. Each member sounds young as fuck on this song espically Krayzie. Krayzie Bone verse is the best on this which he talks about stealing his dads 9mm and taking it to school and killing this kid who was bulling him.Lol. The beat is dark and is perfect for the song.   5/5

6.Hell Sent - This shit is just straight EVIL! Each member tells a story about living in hell with the devil and bizzy is just crazy on this song talking about puting a gernade in the pussy of satins bitch and strangiling The beat is just fucking dark. 5/5

7.#1 Assassin - Layzie Bone solo. Layzie flows exceptionally well talking about being the # 1 asassin and killing everyone. Beat is pretty plain. 3/5

8.We Be Fiending - A weed song. Krayzie flows the best. The song is only over a minute long and the beat once agiain is plain. 2.5/5

9.Bless Da 40 oz - Pretty The beat is okay better then the last 2 songs but the intro sounds like something off a chinese movie. Each member has equal average verses.   3/5

10.Gangsta Attatude - On this song each member shows their "Gangsta attitude" about robbing and killing. Krayzie and Wish have the best verses flowing well and each member spits some raw lyrics. If the beat was better this would be the best song on the album. 4.5/5

This album is Bones most gangsta and raw album,but you can tell that lyrically they werent as good as their next 2 albums. The production on this album is bad due such low-budget they were on those days(no ruthless and DJ-U-neek. ) beacuse they were poor as fuck.

Overall this is a 3.75/5(i did the math).

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Re: B.O.N.E. Enterprises(BTNH) - Faces of Death
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2005, 06:36:21 AM »
Tight review,Hell Sent is sick!! 8)


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Re: B.O.N.E. Enterprises(BTNH) - Faces of Death
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2005, 06:06:40 PM »
Hell Sent and Sons of Assassins are my favorite tracks off of here.