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CREDITS: Blac Monks - No Mercy
« on: March 03, 2005, 03:55:02 PM »
Blac Monks
No Mercy
Rap-A-Lot, 1998

1. Intro

2. Caged In Gorillas
Produced by John Bido

3. Steppin With Your Weapon
Produced by Pedewestra & John Bido
Guitar by Mike Dean

4. Paper Chase (feat. Papa Rue)
Produced by Itche
Contains a portion of "Steppin Out" (D. Hines)

5. Enemy Within (feat. Darell Mark Tall)
Produced by John Bido
Contains a portion of "Love T.K.O." (Womack, Womack, Noble)
Guitar by Mike Dean

6. Marked For Death
Produced by John Bido

7. Monk Mentality
Produced by Wendell Springer

8. Jungle Funk (feat. Kimberly Smith)
Produced by John Bido & Brad Jordan
Contains portions of "Get Down On It" (Bell, Taylor, Brown, Bell, Smith, Mickeus, Deodato)
Contains elements "Funkin Fo Jamaica" (T. Brown, T. Smith)

Guitar by Mike Dean

9. Natural Herbs & Spices
Produced by Wendell Springer

10. God Complex
Produced by John Bido

11. No Mercy
Produced by Jerry Muhammed

12. Young Guns (feat. Endo & Makeisha)
Produced by John Bido & Mike Dean

13. Grim Reaper
Produced by John Bido, David Forrest & Mike Dean
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