Author Topic: CREDITS: Falling Down Presents Untouchable Soldiers (Vol.2) Sing Sing  (Read 450 times)

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 1- North (Elijah, S.K., A.B.)
2- Pratt
3- Drama (A.B., S.K.)
4- A Thug's Life (Elijah, J'Nomics)
5- Glass
6- Fuck A Bitch (J'Nomics)
7- Shine Like a Star (J'Nomics)
8- Dusty Tims (J'Nomics)
9- It's A Part Of Life (J'Nomics)
10- J'Nomics (J'Nomics)
11- Sign
12- Elijah Remix (Elijah)
13- Rhythm (Elijah)
14- Poetry (Elijah)
15- Crime Stories (Elijah)
16- Gangland Style (Elijah)
17- U.S. (Elijah)
18- Fall
19- Rest In Peace
20- Rob

all tracks Produced by Falling Down

The return of the Untouchable Soldiers, from Upstate NY, signifies the rawest new crew in Hip-Hop, cousins 2 da 'grain', and the brainchild of Wu-Tang producer Falling Down, this crew may conjure up more of the classic inventive grime we all know and revere, than most "official" Wu products these days. Don't sleep on this, their second volume of hot treats!

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