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CREDITS: Buddha Monk - Prophecy Reloaded
« on: March 03, 2005, 05:21:01 PM »

01.  We Roll in Brooklyn
02. Live My Life
03. Chill with You
04. Who's There, feat Fung See U
05. Wanna Be a Gangsta, feat Redz, Crave
06. Nigga Wut...La-La, feat Juice
07. Missing You, feat Mr. Tibbs
08. Clack Clack, feat Juice
09. Butterflies, feat Layza Life and Mazur
10. Man's World
11. Bust Gats, feat Assassin and Dungeon Master


12. Undeniable Force
13. Got's Like Come On Thru (dirty)
14. Fuck Somebody Up
15. In The Land Of My Dreams
16. Nightmare On Zu Street ft. The Manchuz (dirty)
17. Spark Somebody Up (Instrumental)

Buddha Monk is the 'capo regime' of the Brooklyn Zu, the crew of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Back in 1999 he produced/released the now classic album "The Prophecy". Since then a full-length solo release has alluded him due to extensive work as a producer, as well as his loyal dedication to his groups, the Brooklyn Zu and the Manchuz. Here then, for the first time in years, is another look at the artist that is Lord Buddha Monk with some more recent tracks. As a retrospective of the artist, we have compiled 6 hard to obtain bonus tracks to compliment some of his newer explorations in sound.

Executive Producer: Lord Buddha Monk
A&R & Mastering: G-Clef at Foreclosure Studios, Jamaica, NY
Recorded 1998-2005

tracks 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,& 10: Produced by Buddha Monk
track 1 - Produced by Lord Finesse
track 7 - Produced by Frank B

Lord Buddha Monk would like to thank Bklyn Zu, Zu Ninjaz, Manchuz, Chambermusik Team, Iron Shiek, Sunz of Man, 60 Second Assassin, Samauri7Assassin, all my overseas fans, one love I'll be there soon, keep requesting the Monk and somehow we'll get there! Brooklyn, where ya at!!! Buddha Monk wants to give a special thanks to Chambermusik, because without them the direction of the Monk would still be lost, G-Clef I love you, you my dawg, I'm a hold you down, lets get this money!!!

Copyright 2005 - Duck-Lo Records c/o Chambermusik Special Products DL-003

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