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Dj Quik
« on: June 30, 2005, 05:45:16 AM »
2nd II None
Ain't Nothin' Wrong Feat. DJ Quik*
Back Up Off The Wall*
Comin' Like This Feat. DJ Quik & Hi-C*
Didn't Mean To Turn You On*
Don't U Hide It*
Got A Nu Woman Feat. DJ Quik, AMG, Hi-C & Playa Hamm*
If U Ain't Fuckin*
If You Want It*
If U Want It Remix*
Just Ain't Me*
Let The Rhythm Take You*
Life Of A Player*
Make Em Understand Feat. Mausberg*
More Than A Player*
Niggaz Trippin' Feat. DJ Quik & Hi-C*
Princess Feat. James Debarge*
Punk Mutha Fuckaz*
Stay True To Yourself*
Underground Terror*
Up N Da Club Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
What Goes Up*
Whateva U Want Feat. AMG & James Debarge*
Outstanding Feat. Dj Quik +
Summatyme Feat. Dj Quik +

Heartz of Man*
Late Night Feat. Outlawz*
Late Night Remix Feat. DJ Quik & AMG +
Loyal To The Game Feat. DJ Quik & Big Syke [DJ Quik Remix]*
Words 2 My First Born Feat. Above the Law*
Words 2 My First Born Feat. Nutt-So +

8Ball & MJG
Buck Bounce Feat. DJ Quik*

Adina Howard
Freak (N U Know It)*
Aint No Need +

Soak Me Baby Feat. DJ Quik*
Nu extazise *
Bitch Betta Hace My Money*

Bombs Over Sadaam [Co-Produced]*
My Life Is Done*
Slipped On The Ice*
Bloody Murda*

Beanie Siegel
Reward Yourself Feat. Nicole Wray

Big Syke
Time iz Money Feat. DJ Quik & E-40*

The Wreckoning Feat. Mystic [DJ Quik Remix]*

Butch Cassidy
So Cold Feat. DJ Quik*
When Daddy calls*
Tak To Me*

Do Me Right*
I tought They Knew*

Bagg Up*
Wurrs My Cash (mixed by Dj Quik)*

College Boyz
Hollywood Paradox Extenced Remix (Dj Quik & Rob Bacon Jr)

Da Fam
I Like Feat. AMG & El Debarge*

Chip That Curb Feat. Kurupt & Roscoe ["Dollaz + Sense" Beat]*

Danny Boy
Come When I Call*

Mr. Tics Groove ["Pimpin" Beat]*

Deborah Cox
One Wish Feat. Gangsta D*

Dirty Rat
Get It On Feat Kurupt (Produced By J Wells and Mixed By Dj Quik)*

DJ Quik
***Quik's The Name***
Sweet Black Pussy*
Born And Raised In Compton*
Deep Feat. AMG & 2nd II None*
Tha Bombudd*
Quik Is The Name*
Loked Out Hood*
8 Ball*
Quik's Groove*
Tear It Off Feat. AMG*
I Got That Feelin'*
Skanless Feat. 2nd II None, AMG & Hi-C*
***Way 2 Fonky***
America'z Most Complete Artist*
Mo' Pussy Feat. 2nd II None*
Way 2 Fonky*
Jus Lyke Compton*
Quik'z Groove II (For U 2 Rip 2)*
Me Wanna Rip You Girl*
When You're a Gee Feat. Playa Hamm*
No Bullshit Feat. 2nd II None*
Only Fo' Tha Money Feat. 2nd II None*
Let Me Rip Tonite - Sexy Leroy & The Chocolate Lovelitez Feat. Darreyn Johnson*
Niggaz Still Trippin' Feat. AMG, Hi-C, 2nd II None & JFN*
Tha Last Word*
***Safe + Sound***
Street Level Entrance (Intro)*
Get At Me*
Diggin' U Out*
Safe + Sound*
Somethin' 4 Tha Mood*
Don't You Eat It! (Interlude)*
Can I Eat It?*
Itz Your Fantasy*
Tha Ho In You Feat. Hi-C, 2nd II None & Sexy Leroy & The Chocolate Lovelitez*
Dollaz + Sense*
Let You Havit*
Summer Breeze*
Quik's Groove III*
Sucka Free*
Keep Tha 'P' In It Feat. 2nd II None, 2-Tone, Hi-C, Kam & Playa Hamm*
Hoorah 4 Tha Funk (Reprise)*
We Still Party *
So Many Wayz Feat. 2nd II None & Peter Gunz*
Hand In Hand Feat. 2nd II None*
Down, Down, Down Feat. Suga Free, Mausberg & AMG*
You'z A Ganxta *
I Useta Know Her Feat. AMG*
No Doubt Feat. Playa Hamm & Suga Free*
Speed *
Whateva U Do*
Thinkin' Bout U *
El's Interlude - El Debarge*
Medley for a 'V' (The Pussy Medley) Feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, AMG, 2nd II None, Hi-C & El Debarge*
Bombudd II *
Get 2Getha Again Feat. 2nd II None, AMG, Hi-C & El Debarge*
Reprise (Medley For A 'V')*
***Balance & Options***
Change Da Game Feat. Mausberg, James Debarge & Will Hudspeth*
Did Y'all Feel Dat? Feat. Shadoobie & Mausberg*
We Came 2 Play Feat. AMG & James Debarge*
Pitch In On A Party*
I Don't Wanna Party Wit U*
Motex Records I (Interlude)*
How Come?*
U Ain't Fresh! Feat. Erick Sermon & Kam*
Roger's Groove*
Motex Records II (Interlude)*
Quikker Said Than Dunn*
Straight From The Streets (Interlude)*
Speak On It Feat. Mausberg & AMG*
Du Whutcha Want Feat. Digital Underground & AMG*
Well Feat. Mausberg & Raphael Saadiq*
Quik's Groove V*
Do I Love Her? Feat. Suga Free*
Tha Divorce Song - James Debarge*
Balance & Options (Outro)*
***Under Tha Influence***
Proem Feat. Hi-C, Talib Kweli & Shyheim*
Trouble Feat. AMG*
Come 2Nyte Feat. Truth Hurts*
Murda 1 Case Feat. KK, Pharoahe Monch & Chuckey*
Ev'ryday Feat. Hi-C & James Debarge*
Get Loaded Feat. AMG*
Gina Statuatorre Feat. Chuckey*
50 Ways Feat. Wanya Morris*
Quik's Groove 6*
Get Tha Money Feat. Suga Free*
One On 1 Feat. Will Hudspeth*
Sex Crymee*
Birdz & Da Beez Feat. Hi-C & AMG*
Oh Well Feat. Will Hudspeth*
50 Ways Remix Feat. Wanya Morris +
A Bed Time Story Feat. Suga Free*
Afternoon Drive (Radio Drop) +
Better Never Than Late +
Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga Feat. KK & J.F.N.*
Come 2Nyte Remix Feat. Truth Hurts
Diggin' U Out Remix*
Do You Really Wanna (Nah Nah Nah) Feat. Suga Free*
Felonz Featuring Hi-c, Suga Free and 2Swift +
Fuckin On Da First Date Feat. Suga Free & Rappin 4-Tay*
Hax +
It's Like Everyday Feat. R-Kelly & Mausberg [Co-Produced]*
Let's Get Togther Feat. Suga Free*
Quik Is The Name Remix*
R.I.P. Mausberg Feat. Playa Hamm
Streets Iz Callin Feat. Chuckey*
Summer Breeze Remix*
Sweet Black Pussy Remix*
Tonite Remix*
Top Of My Treehouse +
Trouble Remix Feat. Suga Free, Beanie Sigel & Chuckey*
What They Think Of You Feat. Nate Dogg *
Dvd Menu Groove +
Dvd Visualism +
Sometimes Julio g mix +

Dawayne Wiggans
Strange Fruit [DJ Quik Remix]*

Do Or Die

Quarterbackin Feat. The Clipse [DJ Quik Remix]*

Break Bread Feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C & AMG*

Gap Band
Funkin' Till 2000 Comz Feat. DJ Quik & Snoop Dogg [Co-Produced] {Co-Produced By Battlecat}*

2 Skanless Feat. DJ Quik, AMG & KK*
Do It*
Get Tha Money Feat. DJ Quik*
If U Really Love Me (Edited & Tagged Radio Rip) +
Let Me Know Feat. DJ Quik*
Ph Ph Feat. DJ Quik
Run Up*

Hot Karl
Sumpn Changed +

Juvenile Committee
Juvenile Thang Feat. DJ Quik & Playa Hamm*

That's My Nigga *
That's My Nigga Remix Feat. DJ Quik +

King T
Let's Make A V Feat. DJ Quik, Frost & El Debarge*

Janet Jackson
All For You [DJ Quik Remix]*

Justify My Thug*

Jermaine Dupri
3 The Hardway*

Woman To Woman *

Love Slave*

Can't Go Wrong Feat. DJ Quik & Butch Cassidy*

Jus Mee & U Feat. Raphael Saadiq*

Mausberg (R.I.P.)
Any Way U Want 2 Feat. Suga Free & James Debarge*
Bank on It Feat. Playa Hamm & 2nd II None*
Get Nekkid Feat. DJ Quik*
I An Feel That Feat. AMG & Hi-C*
No More Questionz Feat. DJ Quik*
Ring King*
Tha Truth Is... Feat. DJ Quik*
Dick Aint Free*

Nate Dogg
Get Up Feat. Eve*
There She Goes Feat. DJ Quik & Warren G +

Faded [DJ Quik Remix]*
Whatcha Know [DJ Quik Remix]*

Crack Em*

Patches Stewart
Blow *

Penthouse Players Clique
Blak Iz A Poet*
Explanation Of A Playa*
Handle Yo Bizness*
Jealous Knukle Heads*
Jus 2 Kep Yo Attenchun*
Nathen's Changed*
P.S. Phuk U 2 Feat. DJ Quik*
Pimp Lane*
They Don't Know*
Trust No Bitch Feat. DJ Quik, AMG & Eazy-E*
U Cain't Check Me*
Undaground Boss*

Rage Against The Machine
Guerilla Radio [DJ Quik Remix] +
Rage Against The Machine

Rappin 4-Tay
If It Wasn't For You Feat. Suga Free & Nate Dogg*

Rick James
Hard To Get Feat. Richie Rich [DJ Quik Remix]*

Aint Nuthin Wrong +
Get Flipped*

Shade Sheist
John Doe Feat. AMG, Hi-C & 2Swift*

Shawn Anthony
Hate Me Too +

Good Thang*
Street Niggaz*
Sweet Love and Ecstasy*

Cant Stop The Reign [DJ Quik Remix]*
Strait Playin' Feat. Peter Gunz*
The Way It's Goin' Down (T.W.ISM. For Life) Feat. Peter Gunz*
Strait Playin' Feat. Peter Gunz (remix)*

Snoop Dogg
Buss'n Rocks*
Doin Too Much*
Don't Tell Feat. Warren G, Nate Dogg & Mausberg*
Ride On (Caught Up) Feat. Kurupt [Co-Produced]*

Sporty Theives
Can't Give It Away
What I Look Like Remix*

Str8 G
Bring Tha Funk Remix Feat. DJ Quik*

Suga Free
Angry Enuff*
Born Again*
Circus Music Feat. Chingy*
Dip Da*
Doe Doe And A Skunk*
Don't Fight Da Pimpin'*
Don't No Suckaz Live Here Feat. Playa Hamm*
Fly Fo Life*
I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song)*
I'd Rather Give U My Bitch*
If U Stay Ready Feat. Playa Hamm*
If U Stay Ready Remix*
Inside Out Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
On My Way*
She Get What She Pay Foe*
Tell A Bitch Feat. Bad Azz*
Tip Toe Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
Tip Toe (Reprise) Feat. DJ Quik & AMG*
Why U Bullshittin'?*
Why U Bullshittin'? (Part 2)*
Yo Momma Yo Daddy*

Talib Kweli
7:30 *
Put it in the Air Feat. DJ Quik*

Tony Toni Tone
Boys & Girls Feat. AMG*
Let's Get Down Feat. DJ Quik*
Thinking Of You (Radio) [DJ Quik/G-One/Raphael Saddiq Remix]*
Let's Get Down Live

Top Dogg
We Don't Love Em*

Tracie Spencer
The Rain (Produced By Dj Quik and G-one)*

Truth Hurts
Addictive Feat. Rakim*
Addictive Remix Feat. Rakim +
Not Really Lookin Feat. DJ Quik*

My Melody Feat. DJ Quik, Suga Free, Hi-C, AMG, Playa Hamm & James Debarge *

VA - The Konnectid Project (Compilation)
In My Face - Xzibit & Hi-C*
Ain't No Doubt - Mausberg & Playa Hamm*
I Wanna See - DJ Quik & Hi-C*
Hotel Motel - DJ Quik, Suga Free & Madd Nation*
Pimpin' - DJ Quik, Suga Free, Playa Hamm, James Debarge & Double M*
Don't Walk Away - DJ Quik & Suga Free*
I Can't Believe - Madd Nation*
Gone - Suga Free*

Won G
Nothing's Wrong Feat. DJ Quik*

Withney Houston
Fine (Produced By Raphael Saadiq and Mixed By Dj Quik*

Sorry I'm Away So Much Feat. DJ Quik & Suga Free*

.:Guest Appaerances...(Not Produced By DJ Quik):.

Busta Rhymes
Died To Soon Feat. DJ Quik +
Died To Soon Remix Feat. DJ Quik & The Game*
Produced By ?

DJ Quik
Put It On Me Feat. Dr Dre & Mimi*
Produced By Dr Dre

Erick Sermon
Focus Feat. DJ Quik & Xzibit*
Focus Remix Feat. DJ Quik & Xzibit [L.A. Lakers Victory] +
Produced By Erick Sermon AND Dj Quik

Shine Feat. DJ Quik & Snoop Dogg*
Produced By Jelly Roll

Lil Scrappy
No Problem Remix Feat. DJ Quik & Shawn Anthony +
Produced By Lil Jon & Mixed By DJ Quik

Spur Of The Moment Feat. DJ Quik*
Produced By LT Moss


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Re: Dj Quik
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why didnt you check the vault index?

there is already a QUIK CV>. and what you posted was bitten from it;action=display;threadid=35741



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Re: Dj Quik
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That ones been locked for some reason...


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Re: Dj Quik
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2005, 07:53:35 PM »
why didnt you check the vault index?

there is already a QUIK CV>. and what you posted was bitten from it;action=display;threadid=35741

i thought pentagelli did it, i didnt say i wrote it up anyway...

plus the other one has mistakes, its blocked and incomplete.
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Re: Dj Quik
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that C.V. is locked cause another dude made a more complete C.V.