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Re: snoops brother in law killed....
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A man identified by police as a brother-in-law of rap singer Snoop Dogg wounded a police officer and then barricaded himself inside an apartment Tuesday, authorities said. A hostage taken at the apartment was able to escape, police said. The officer was grazed on the side of his head by one of at least two shots fired during a struggle on a street late Monday, said police Lieut. Vincent Cannito. The alleged gunman, identified as Jermaine Fuller, also may have been wounded while grappling with the officer, Cannito said. "He's inside, saying he's been shot,"  
Cannito told The Associated Press during the standoff at an  
apartment complex several kilometres from the Las Vegas Strip. Cannito said Fuller was related to the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus and was previously known professionally as Snoop Doggy Dogg. Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies delivered a message to Broadus asking him to contact Cannito, Sgt. William Flannery said Tuesday. He could not say whether the call was made. After the shooting, Cannito said, the gunman ran to the apartment complex and forced his way inside before midnight, taking an unidentified tenant hostage at gunpoint. The hostage escaped by diving out a first-floor window while the gunman was getting a drink of water, Cannito said.  
The wounded officer was in serious condition at University Medical Center in Las Vegas with a "deep graze wound" along his temple, hospital spokesman Rick Plummer said. The 32-year-old officer was alert and has spoken with his family, Plummer said. Cannito said he also may have been shot in the chest but was protected by a bulletproof vest.  
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Re: snoops brother in law killed....
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Jermaine Fuller, who is reportedly Snoop Dogg's brother-in-law, was found dead Tuesday (August 13) morning in a Las Vegas apartment, according to Associated Press.

Fuller barricaded himself in the apartment after having an altercation with a police officer that resulted in two shots being fired and the officer being wounded.

Police were investigating Fuller's cause of death.

Snoop's attorney David Fox told AP that Fuller was the brother of Snoop's wife, Shante.

"The family is grieving over this sad news," Fox told AP.

The police approached Fuller after 11:20 p.m. Monday (August 12) when an unidentified man stopped a Las Vegas police officer to complain that he had been confronted by another man who shot a gun.

The officer and Fuller got into a scuffle, and two shots were fired. The officer was shot in the chest, though protected by his bullet-proof vest, and a bullet also grazed the side of his head.

An officer in a patrol car was not injured, but a bullet hit the radio microphone attached to his shoulder.

Fuller reportedly fled the scene, running into an apartment where he made a forced entry. He took a hostage, who later escaped through a window.

Lt. David O'Leary told AP that Fuller was found dead at 10:41 a.m. Tuesday (August 13), when the police SWAT team entered the apartment.

Police said they heard Fuller moving around the apartment at 8 a.m., but had last spoken to him at around 4:40 a.m.

Snoop's spokesperson Courtney Barnes of the Courtney Barnes Group said he could not reach Snoop and therefore could not confirm any details.

Snoop reportedly spoke to Las Vegas police negotiators at the scene when Los Angeles Country Sheriff's deputies went to Snoop's Diamond Bar, California home. Snoop did not, however, speak to Fuller.

Snoop's album, Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1, was released Tuesday (August 13) on Snoop's Doggy Style deal through MCA Records.

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Rest In Peace.


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Re: snoops brother in law killed....
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Ha! I've got Courtney Barnes' Number.  They're snoop's reps, but they never know what he's doing, LOL.

Man, that sucks for Shante's brother.  
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