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Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« on: March 21, 2005, 05:19:11 AM »
Mc Ren - The Shock Of the Hour
(Ruthless Records 1993)

1.11:55 The intro is ripped out of the cult classic 'The warriors' flick the scene where big gang boss 'Sirus' is addressing the crowd chanting 'can you dig iiiiiiiiiiiiit?' Dubbed over by Laywiys monstrous vocals and a furnacing beat by Tootie. 10/10

2. Same Old Shit - Sllick Ricks 'borrowed' vocals get a gangsta dopeness remake, a dope dropping beat and dope flowing from Mc 'muthafuckin' Ren with some other dope sounds layered on to give it an extra sharp cut throat edge. 10/10

3. Fuck What Ya Heard The theme of this album is very dark musically and lyricaly. A kinda Dark G-Funk vibe haunts the album. Ren sounds moody and pissed off here. 8/10

4. All Bullshit Aside - Fucking bad ass track. Got the darkest vibe of the efil4zaggin lp, Dr Jam and madness4real produce a a up-tempo hardcore gem, Ren anihilates the track with out lord giving mercy. Bad ass. 10/10

Grab another bitch twist the panties off the top
Open up my mouth and let the old english drop
Buzz for a minute - could'nt walk a straight line
But that shit don't stop Ren from writin' a rhyme

5. One False Move - The dark shadow keeps on creepin. Don Jagwarr (cube's wicked) supplies the ragga fueled chorus. Dollar Bill and Da Konvicted felon both come with thier own dope styles of flowing with the Villian on laser red dot point. Ren has some of his own performances on efil4zaggin jacked n pasted here. 10/10

6. You Wanna Fuck Her - Ren puts nasty slutty sleaze bag hos on blast in a real horrible way. The picture he paints of these scum bags isnt pretty like say a nice bitch like vida with pretty lipstick lips n dope curves. Instead he describes Crab infested spunk buckets. Nasty diseased hos. Well you wanna Fuck her? you wanna Fuck her?...Dark G-Funk. 8/10

7.Mayday On The Frontline - Theres two mixes to this song one is the single/video release one on the cb4 soundtrack. Both are dope but the album one is the G-Funk version yep a dark G-Funk version. Black balaclava Nigga with Attitude in full attack mode slaying racist cross burning white sheet wearing Crackers in his path. I like the way that cool whiteboy whos down with the mexican gang from American Me has one of his lines from the movie used through out the track. 10/10

8. Attack On Babylon - A prophetic Ren calls for the destruction of babylon and asks doomsday to bring it to niggaz. Rhythm D is on the drum,drum,drum... on a very eerie sounding production 8/10

9. Do You Believe - You can feel the direct NOI influence as Louis Farrakhan lines from a speech are used for the chorus and the basis of the song. Ren brings the shock lyrics directly to the front lines. He devours the slave master style crackers and the slave mentality coon niggaz. The hate can be felt from the speakers. Tootie laces a chilled but menacing beat. 10/10

10 Mr Fuck up - (feat Juvenile'rens brother' and the Whole Click) Straight up west coast flowing. Nice rhymes, nice beat with sampling James Browns 'pay back' and lifts Ice Cubes Gangsta gangsta lines. 10/10

11.Shock Of the Hour - (feat Kam/Laywiy) Laywiw returns with that authorative monstor voice of his with a prophetic rage, Another westcoast Rebel aka Kam drops in kickin it hard. A Solid slamming groovy beat with deafning screams blended in to the background giving it that spooky feel. 10/10

In the twinklin' of an eye, motherfuckers gonna die
Watchin' baby bomber planes rip across the sky
Fallin' on your Jesus, comin' for the pork chop
Wake ya out your sleep, shit is deep, about to wreck shop
Bombs goin' down a mile deep, pushin' up a mile high
Nigga ain't allowed to cry while they disbelieve his God
Fakin' with your Malcolm X picture on the wall
Motherfuckers shoulda listened when you got your final call
Think your doin' the brothers a favor by buyin' a paper
Shoulda read your paper, it tells ya  the devil raped ya
Stripped ya of the scripture, blood ya then he crypt ya
Gave you a corner, some bitches, and called you that nigga
And then he pimped ya
You're mind is a waste, so now you got a taste
The chastise bitch ya shoulda took heed of what the wise said
Now you're bent outta shape with no power
Fuck up and waited for the shock of the hour
MC Ren

Overall 9.5/10

To me this is Rens best joint. Dark, brutal, unforgiving with classic production from a classic era of west coast history. With all the sunny pop bubble gum radio rap of today im glad Ren laced us an album for the night. I see this and Snoops doggystyle together back in the day and picked them both up but most peeps only picked up Doggystyle well it was thier loss. The 200,000 or was it 400,000? of those that purchased this album were either loving it or hating it and the haters were proably in shock.



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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2006, 08:47:12 AM »
Very good review.I agree with tou that this is Ren's best work since NWA.
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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2006, 01:29:50 AM »
very crazy album to me

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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2006, 07:07:29 PM »
for sure mang...MC Ren is a beast on the mic, including Shock of the Hour.  he is the forgoten soul that made NWA the most powerful group ever.

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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2006, 03:11:36 PM »
Good review.

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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #5 on: April 29, 2006, 04:47:17 AM »
dope album and a great review
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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #6 on: June 22, 2006, 06:24:06 PM »
good review was always more a fan of ren than Cube, i don't know but he just seemed alot more believable, love all of Rens solo stuff. cnat really decide on what is his best work though.

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Re: Mc Ren - Shock Of The Hour
« Reply #7 on: August 05, 2006, 02:02:44 PM »
A classic without a doubt.