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« on: March 29, 2005, 04:49:00 AM »
I dont walk my way to work I dance and slide,
Got my headphones plugged in, feelin the music wit closed eyes,
Rappin along with the words like I was the original,
Makin my money straight, not bent like no criminal,
Wasnt brought up that way, told to work for doh,
Never sell drugs to kids, to me thats a major no no,
An I disrespect all gangstas, I just cant be glad,
Cos I'm working mad ass off while your makin fat stacks,
Selling weed, coke and rocks, thinkin you top of the pops,
But quick to sell out your friends when you get nabbed by the cops,
Goodfellas slash Godfather shit, you tryin to pull quick,
But I think you've been watching too many movies bitch,
You better switch like Will, cos these days you cant murder,
U act all hard, but really nobodys fucking heard of ya,
Nor scared of ya, just cos you can boast about tablets,
But the more you show off the more you make yourself sound extravagent,
And we dont attract like maganets, we talk behind your back,
If you find out, so what, we will go to war, all out attack,
Until you fall back, fuck you and all yours,
Cos fists will meet faces, and heads will meet floors,
Up yours!