Author Topic: if you thought keeping Terry alive was cruel... [warning: shocking pictures]  (Read 260 times)


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Damn I feel terrible for that women. Sikotic, can you give me the story about that i would like to read it. Damn Drinking and driving is fucked.

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boy, do you not watch oprah?  hehe... its a really sad story.  she was beautiful and because someone had to much pride which was increased by his/her drinking, she no lives her life like that.  she only allows herslef to cry for 5 min a day, and the second those 5 min are up, she stops, because she says that feeling bad for yourself is no way to live, now thats one strong person.  id probably kill myself, but not her, shes tough, and for that i think she is one of the most amazing people ive ever heard of.   
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herees the problem with these things
say u had a son and a daughter, and u were the only one they had in the world,would u want someone deciding if u live or die just because u cant say anything about it?
if i was like that and i knew my kids would suffer then i would go through the entire ordeal and pain just so THEY wouldnt suffer. maybe we shouldnt think so much of ourselves but for our loved ones. especially our kids. if i knew i could comeback to life, even disfigured but could spend a few more years with my kids so that they would someone to go to when they had problems then i dont care  how m uch i would suffer