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Junk Food and Bad Dreams
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Late Night Snacks For Custom Nightmares

   Forget DVD, computer games, and broadband video-on-demand. The ultimate home
   entertainment system is factory installed inside your skull. Here's how to
   turn it on.

   I stumbled on my revolutionary secret by accident, after eating a large order
   of Gonzales y Gonzales nachos with green chiles late one Tuesday evening. 25
   minutes later I found myself running half-naked through a bamboo forest,
   pursued by a rattling army of giant crabs, as mortar rounds liquified the
   beach nearby. The next pulse-pounding four hours would have cost Jerry
   Bruckheimer half a billion dollars to stage. I bolted awake in the middle of
   a terrifying cliffside chase sequence with the light bulb of a great idea
   glimmering over my head in the darkness.

   For centuries aquiring control of the dream state has been an elusive goal of
   mystics, shrinks and poets. Surely, control of dreams could greatly enhance
   our mastery of waking consciousness. "Those nachos," I thought feverishly.
   What if the secret to dream control was a carefully prescribed system of junk

   When we have eaten a meal, the brain diverts blood to the stomach to support
   the process of digestion. Nutrients and enzymes race through the bloodstream
   to their destinations, and as the wildly enriched blood passes through the
   sleeping brain, something magical happens.

   Dreams are inside us waiting, as ancient as consciousness, the software of
   the subconscious, spiked with the hot energies of the blood.

   Over the following weeks, I embarked on a scientifically rigorous program of
   eating rich, spicy food and then falling asleep. A system of menus, sleep
   timers and dream logs is too complicated to describe here. The price,
   financial, physical, and emotional, was steep.

   The following are my preliminary finding on four of the dozens of Dream
   Genres I discovered, with the exact menus which trigger them and restaurant
   information. Do not try this at home unless you are ready to be propelled
   into a new kind of dreaming. If you are, eat rapidly 30 minutes before
   bedtime--and stand clear the opening doors.

   Catholic S&M
 Two Boots "Newman"Pizza and Boylan's Cherry Cola

   Two Boots, 74 Bleecker, 777-1033

   I am in the parking lot of an exclusive cathouse/restaurant way out in the
   Black Forest. One of the attractive prostitutes happens to be my
   ex-girlfriend from college and we nod hello politely. I walk through the
   spacious, cool Plantation-style house, still mostly empty, girls lounging on
   banquettes in window seats and deep chairs in the big room. Outside in the
   back, I am seated under an old tree in the arbor--this is considered a very
   good table. A few old german people are quietly dining. The prostitutes,
   dressed in faded bathing suits, serve me fresh scottish salmon, buttery and
   piquant, and during the meal we exchange goodnatured banter and I do not feel
   like a john.

   When I am finished eating, I feel a hand pin mine back against the tree and a
   rose thorn cuts my flesh. I try to pull free and a wizened Bishop comes
   around the tree, muttering benedictions and flailing at me with a long strand
   of rosebush. It seems he need more of my blood for a ritual he wants to
   conduct shortly. I fight back with a the antenna of my Israeli automobile,
   which makes a formidable synthetic whip against his woody one. When I wake up
   I realize for the first time that noisy fan on my old Mac 7100/80 sounds
   exactly like cicadas in the woods.

   Illogical Transactions
 Seafood gumbo with tabasco sauce and Dixie
ACME (9 Great Jones St. 420-1934)

   I have agreed to purchase a cabin in the woods from an insane old man named
   Harry and his sons, Harry and Henry. The three of us are in a hotel bar in a
   rundown South American city, stoned to the gills off a bottle of clear guaro
   with live worms moving at the bottom of it. The intoxication of the guaro
   blurs into a nightmare evening of sleaze and self destruction. We are
   celebrating something. Later I find myself in bed looking for a match-- there
   is nothing in the matchbox but a cucharacha.

   The next afternoon, we arrive at the site of the cabin. From the road, it is
   invisible. I am at the top of a small rise, looking across a dense green
   delta of lakes and low hills rising out of swampland. It looks like a pretty
   savage place to call home. The owners retreat into a little shack on the side
   of the road the road. I make my way alone over the top of the hill and see
   through the unthatched roof into the upper room of the house, which is built
   into the steep hill. I climb down into the room, full of dry leaves and
   kindling, with a cracking concrete floor, stained with motor oil--a storage

   Bracing myself on the slashed and gnarled roots of trees, I descend the
   hillside, smelling the breath of the stagnant algaegreen water. The front
   part of the house, maybe intended as a porch, floats on the river; when I put
   my foot on the mossy sill, it sways and water sloshes off the decks. The
   floor holds, and I cross to look up at the main room, canted off the hill
   just above, with treetrunk braces and wide, chainsaw-cut flooring beams.
   Access up by a rope-ladder strung at 45 degrees. I swing through the door and
   steady myself on the deck. The rail is worn smooth by decades of hands. I
   look out across the green bay, in silent shadow--miles away across the water
   the sun lights the paler green of the hilltops. I smell rotting meat, and see
   a pile of furs and skins in a corner. From above, Henry is shouting or
   laughing. "Well, my fren'," I hear, "how you like 'er?" "I'll take it," I
   yell back.

   Homoerotic Deathmatch
Schwarma with onions, white sauce and hot
   sauce. Schweppes ginger ale.
Caesars Falafel, 34 St Marks Place

   In an empty bullfight arena, I am daring a blonde youth around my age to a
   fight. It is a dangerous kind of all-out wrestling in which death or
   permanent injury can easily occur and I don't really want to do it, but I
   must be perceived as the aggressor or I will lose face with bad consequences.

   We begin to fight and it is terrible--teeth being knocked out, large cuts
   opening, but now I am through the wall of pain and I realize before he does
   that a victory here is worth literally any sacrifice. We fight on and on,
   getting dizzier, and now I have forgotten what there was to gain, why were
   are fighting, everything but the imminent mortality of this moment. I was
   wrong about the possibility of redemption and now I am going to die.

   High Altitude Incest
Ceviche with South American Spices and Taro
   Tartar. Kirin Ichiban.
Nobu, 105 Hudson Street / 219 0500 / 8095/

   At a party on the roof of a skyscraper I have met a very sexy short girl with
   a wonderful ass who wants to have sex with me. My sister (I don't have a
   sister), is there and the girl begins trying to seduce us both. At first my
   sister is curtly dismissive, but quickly she realizes that this girl is
   irresistable and we all get it on in slow motion in an airy white room, with
   windows overlooking the entire Eastern seaboard, now from satellite altitude.
   A thousand miles down, New York City is radiant with white light.

I can't sleep  :-\ :'( no more giant pizza/chocolate cake for me  :(


Applicability : Nightmares OR Horrified Dreams

Nightmare implies waking up from a sleep, terrified or with a scared feeling without the influence of an outside force. A dream occurring during sleep that brings out feelings of strong, inescapable fear, terror, distress, or extreme anxiety. This phenomenon typically occurs in the latter part of the night and usually awakens the sleeper who is able to recall the content of the dream and waking up with feelings of strong, inescapable fear, terror, distress, or extreme anxiety. Dreamers are at times capable of recalling their nightmares after their arousal.

Nightmares tend to be more common among children and decrease in frequency towards adulthood. Yet, many adults experience occasional nightmares, women more often than men, and do not require any treatment. At times, nightmares are common for the main reason that we tend to go bed just after eating heavy content like cheese, junk food or spicy food, which raises the body's metabolism and brain activity, may cause nightmares to occur more often. Apart nightmares are caused by a significant event in one's life that is psychologically painful and traumatic. Examples of such events are death in the family, being a victim of rape, and being a victim of insult or abuse. Anxiety or stress is also the most common causes of nightmares; Death of a loved one or Excessive alcohol consumption, suffering from mental illness, physical illness or ill-health condition also possesses the nightmare disorder. Apart guilty conscious like murderers experience is too known to cause nightmares. Lastly, medications are also known to cause nightmares as well, especially those medications that affect the neurotransmitter levels of the central nervous system and the brain. Examples of such medications are antidepressants, narcotics, or barbiturates. Withdrawing certain medications such as Ethanol, Barbiturates, and Benzodiazepines are also known to cause nightmares to occur.

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