Author Topic: Cam'ron. Any fans? Sorry, but i think hes gay...  (Read 389 times)

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Re: Cam'ron. Any fans? Sorry, but i think hes gay...
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my dipset freestyle:

camron dress purple, purple cam, puffin on sam, sam da man, jim jones is cookin some shit, shit hes cookin, u gonna eat shit, bitch eat it.
Mauzip is one of the greatest, the greatest latest, he is a g from alkmaar, alkmaar g, he's ballin wit me, wit me ballin, never fallin, puff on some blunt, cam smokes a blunt, jim smokes a blunt, dipset smokes a blunt, ill show u how we stunt, u cunt, now we ridin through the hood, through the hood we ridin, slippen and sliding, till the day im dying, last but not least i admit were gay, killa cam is gay, jime jones is gay, mauzip is gay, dipset is gay, so u better make way, and dont bent when we around, when cam is around, when jim jones is around, not bent when dipset is around.

kain, im a ghostwriter for killa cam, u see?

lmao you know nothing about Dipset, you forgot to mention Juelz Santana and J.R. Writer.