Author Topic: military us airmen arrested for smuggling 290,000 ecstasy pills on plane.  (Read 59 times)

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US airmen held over Ecstasy haul
C-5A Galaxy cargo plane
The drugs were allegedly smuggled on a C-5A cargo plane
Two US military airmen are being held on charges of smuggling millions of dollars worth of Ecstasy into the country, federal officials have said.

Capt Franklin Rodriguez, 36, an Air National Guard pilot, and Master Sgt John Fong, 35, were arrested on Tuesday on return from a mission in Europe.

Both men admitted during interviews to bringing the drugs from Germany on several occasions, the officials added.

They face a maximum of 20 years in jail and a $1m fine.

They were ordered to be held without bail at initial court appearances on Wednesday evening, the Associated Press news agency said.

Around 290,000 Ecstasy pills in 28 large bags were found in the two men's luggage after their Air Force C-5A cargo aircraft arrived at the Stewart Air National Guard base in Newburgh, New York State.

The pills are said to have a street value of up to $40 each.

The two men allegedly loaded the drugs into their bags in a hotel room in Germany, on their way back from delivering training supplies to the former Soviet state of Georgia.

Security officials who interviewed the two men said Capt Rodriguez had admitted transporting Ecstasy on this and several previous occasions and taken the drugs to his New York City apartment for distribution.

Sgt Fong admitted bringing drugs on three previous flights and being paid $10,000 each time.


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