Author Topic: Questions bout OFTB and 50 cent  (Read 108 times)


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Questions bout OFTB and 50 cent
« on: August 05, 2002, 08:59:07 PM »
Yo  what OFTB song is this quote from?

The latest tape and it's out, from the LA town/four niggaz from Watts, operate with rhymes/If you woke up late, then I'ma pull out the nine/ millimete but it's bound to go deep, as I proceed/to the next line, born in LA, Watts raised me up/Not Compton where if I was a sell-out I'd be a/
stupid motherfucker but I'm not, no I'm not a zero/Tell you whatup, c'mon, niggaz ain't hero/You ran 100 Miles to avoid a jack/The Bottom group will meet yo' ass on the tracks/
It's vinyl put to walls, you can't hang, how can your figure/Let's be honest -- have you ever squeezed a trigger?You Bitches With Attitudes." - OFTB

Also what 50 cent song is this from?

like my smile and the dimple on my face, bitch that's a bullet wound I ain't Mase. - 50 Cent

also could someone plz give me some info on 50-cent like where he was born and what cds hes came out wit and also what are some good songs made by him
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