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Re: Xzibit - The new G.O.A.T. ??
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X is tight but he aint no GOAT first of all you suspect because you said your favorite before X was Em so right there you showin you a groupie ass stan.Comparing X to Pac is ridiculous its like comparing Jimi Hendricks to Slash from Guns N Roses your reasoning is bullshit X aint better than Ras Kass who IS actually the best on the west except he dont sell out to get his beats made by Dre he will let niggaz listen to his collection and be like damn he is speakin some real shit.I'm sayin I like X after Ras he is the best out west but to call him a future GOAT get off his dick he is on the decline his first 2 albums were solid (not classics) ::) god damn get off his dick,and Ras has a better collection of music so what the fuck is you talkin about anyway groupie

LoL, some people must be taken with a grain of salt  ::)

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