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Short-Drop 2
« on: April 21, 2005, 03:27:11 PM »
I´m Sittin`In A Dark Room With A Candle And A Mirror
The Light Of Full Moon,I See Bloody Mary I Even Hear Her
Dogs Bark In The Dark, I Hear Organ Sounds But Nobody`s There
What The Fuck I See Cut Off Head On My Piano And Big Bloody Shears
Guts All Over Keybord,What The Fuck?I Don´t Know I Could Swear
All I Remember We Was Listen To Mozart And Drinkin`Vodka Mixed With Beer
I´m Losin`My Fuckin` Mind I Gets Sick Evry Time I Drink Wit`My Crew
Homies Tell Me 2 Visit A Doc,Do I All That?I Still Can`t Believe It`s True
Now I Take A Look In The Kitchen,Something Smells Really Gross
Guess What I Saw?A Half Skinned Foot And My Meal Pot Fulla Bloody Toes



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