Author Topic: Once Upon A Time In Africa: What Ya'll Know About SouthAfrican Hip-HoP?? [Audio]  (Read 62 times)

Nima -

What ya'll know about South African Hip-Hop? I didn't know much about it till the homie Madd Stone hit me up with some music and knowledge. They got some HEAT down there!

I have a song here for ya'll by 2 MC's, Tumi, who's dropping his solo soon, and Sufiso Sudan. The song is called "Once Upon A Time In Africa", and the two take you on a journey through the ancient Africa. I consider this song a true masterpiece, it was produced by Nyambz, definitely a promising guy.

Download the song in MP3 below:

this is the SHIT!


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ill check it out tomorrow



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it sound pretty tight IMO.


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Yeah Tumi's tight. Very talented. I got his EP.


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Im From Sth Africa .. Never heard of those guy tho