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Paranoid muzik
« on: April 22, 2005, 05:25:05 PM »
Yo, I'm seeing ghost everywhere I go
So I gotta keep ahold of my pistol //
Peaking around every corner
Worried about dropping dead on dis corner //
Paranoid, got me thinking that everyone's out to get me
My homies, rivals, enemies, five-O and even lil' gurlz out 2 get me //
R iz it juss that my mind iz playing tricks on me
Should I go grab tha vest and hide out like 50 //
My gurlz fed up and shez left ya boy all alone
So I'm in tha house and I unhook all tha phones //
It could be tapped by someone eager to clap //
Someone from tha past eager for some pay back //
But who could it be?
In my life I've made so many enemies //
Could it be that kid I clap'd on 63rd
Over an arguement bout a flip'd bird //
R maybe dogg, iz it tha nigga of a hoe
Tha one who sucked a nigga up on tha go //
R maybe tha damu we jumped on tha blvd
Man dis shits go me ducking every car//
Man, I can't sleep at night
if I close my eyez now......
Will I wake and everything be alright //
Blue lights roll through...whew, they're not for me
Cuz U know these pigs be green with envy //
Cuz niggaz beat tha system stacking illegal cheddar
Datz why they shot duece and planted tha bretta//
Who's to say they won't do tha same to ya boy
Kill a nigga, plant drugs and a street toy //
Shit cuzz this paranoia iz getting deeper
Got me patiently waiting for tha grim reaper//
Ya boyz gone three dayz without sleep
I'm too shoken to even eat //
*ding dong*
Door bell...who tha hell can that be at my door
Some poor mothafuckaz bout to end up on tha floor //
A voice comes from tha outside "Itz tha pizza delivery boy"
Itz juss some white boy delivery, told ya'll niggaz I wuz paranoid //
But yo, shit dogg I never ordered any food/
"But tha address here says 245 Festival Drive//
I haven't eaten in dayz so I'll jack this white boy fa his goods/
Some poor white boy 2nights bout to die//
Pull tha pistol from tha draw make sure fully packed
Go to unlock tha door holding tha gun behind my back//
Open it up and all I see  iz..........
(juss let tha beat ryde now)

"You got problems with the punk police, don't run from the chumps get the pump from me"