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A message to hip hop, sincerely the truth
« on: April 24, 2005, 03:42:20 PM »
Local scene wanna hate when they see my name bubble
Sayin I donít know they hustle Mutha Fucka we all struggle
Block after Block gat shells crack rock get distributed
cops clean em off the Black top
and I donít care if I get clowned by your friends
Iíll still always just be an Outsider Looking In
With that said, light up the haze we all blown
If you wanna get in it then youíre gonna get shown
How a nation of rappers flags will fly at Half-Mast
cuz you all got exposed by another White Jack Ass
itís your fault every bitch you meet you canít trust her
and the only claim you got to fame is ďIím A Hustla!Ē
possessed by your own image stereotype itís like
Youíre tryin too hard to keep your Area Hyped
all day on the corner you ainít really that tight
maybe if you spent more time Keepin On The Mic
the Key to Life ainít about earnin your stripes 
you find it when you know that youíll Never Be Right
So it ainít nothiní to fight,
And youíre never scared to live,
And you begin to see America is Like a Bunch of Kids
We all Bite the hand that feeds us
And Bitch among each other
Whenís the last time you really told the Truth to your Mother?
I donít mean your moms supporting you from the start
Iím talkiní bout your real guidance thatís your Muthafuckin Heart
Who are You trying to kid, your fan base or Yourself,
most educated cats will stop shelliní out wealth
once Black Hustle stops sellin records Off the Shelf
your little two bit crack rap involving your gat clapsíll
get painfully received like stepping on a rat trap,
Iím embarrassed for your people and I even Half Black
Treat the truth like a Fat ass and open up and Tap that
Talking Bull Shit will leave us with no spot to rap at
Free Speech is limited, be careful how you handle that