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J Bananas

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The underground hate me,
cuz I don't bitch how the government raped me,
and tell kids to run with a gun off safety,
how many goodie goodies wanna snub 38 me,
they hate it cuz they dont understand and they aint me,
they think their a rebel but its clear they just cant see
I was born with a gift and I'm a lay it out frankly,
Image is for suckers,
We all insecure the only truly confident are the blind muthafuckas
and with that told,
just because I think it means that I cant be bold,
but I'm a say it right now those feelings are old
I'll slap the shit outta you and leave you in the cold,
Oakland PD treat weed gettin sold
they'll hem you up for a dime bag, resist
they might just laugh and let off about nine mags
into your bloody carcass there aint no time to drag,
you under a white sheet, all you is see white heat,
left for the vultures to come strip your watch and nikes,
I hate bay hip hop i'm pretty sure that it dont like me
and i dont rap about ice to impress wifey
I dont gotta message just flow but I'm good in a tustle
and I always got more rhymes to hustle,
dubcc gives a fuck less all they want is success
from weapons of mass destruction commercial
shit it couldnt suck less and whats best,
he not pretending that he killin shit
why bother with rap, when he can get 20 mil on a flick?



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Re: Just stop, I got this whole section sewed up, start a new website
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[size=08pt]Damn :o I think the ending was the best part, but the whole verse had nice rhymin', good multiples & cleverness. Stay up, dawg - Peace*[/size]