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MF Grimm speaks on "Scars and Memories"
« on: April 28, 2005, 01:34:02 AM »
My name is Percy Carey aka MF GRIMM, I wanted to personally tell you a little bit about Scars and Memories. Many of you may know me through my partner MF DOOM, or know that I'm the executive producer of the classic Operation: Doomsday and KMD's BL__K B_STARDS, or know me through my "debut" album entitled The Downfall of Ibliys: a ghetto opera. What what you don't know is that The Downfall of Ibliys was not my "first" album. This album entitled Scars and Memories is actually my first album.

Why is it now being released?

I've been shot 10 times within my life time and while I was hospitalized - in a coma - the majority of the reels of my recordings were stolen and never recovered. (If they pop up on e-bay, let me know so that I can make a bid haha). The reels that were recovered were stored away for me by friends. The reels are so old (10 to 15 years) that they were falling apart and it took some time to save them.

At the time of the recordings, I wasn't focused and I was absorbed in a way of life that was not lawful. Involved in murders and other illegal activities, an attempt on my life left me paralyzed from the neck down, blind in my right eye, deaf in my right ear and unable able to speak due to being shot twice in my neck. This was followed by a life sentence under the rockefeller drug law (while paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair). A lot of blood (on both sides) was spilled in the process of making Scars and Memories. Most of the people who appeared on this album or played apart in it are no longer living and literally gave their life for me to get to this point and present it to you.

I'm still paralyzed (but no longer from the neck down). Today I can see out of my right eye and I can hear out my right ear. I fought my sentence while incarcerated and after serving 3 years, I'm home. I acknowledge that I'm blessed to have another opportunity to be a positive force while still on this planet. I've made some bad decisions in the past.

Scars and Memories allows those who enjoyed The Downfall of Ibliys to finally see how far Ibliys actually fell and feel the transition (on a quest to be a better man) throughout the album. Everyone has a story on this planet and the pain each one of us endures is equal... Scars and Memories is mine.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. My next album is "AMERICAN HUNGER: The Emancipation and Elevation of Homo Gestault" will be released JULY 4, 2005