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« on: April 29, 2005, 02:01:01 PM »
The time is now the place is here when locdogg speak betta open up ya ears cuz im just smokin bud an im sippin some beers// got no love for queers wanna see em all die if they get their throats cut or shot in a driveby//but fuck that crap an get back to rap dont step to me you betta shut your trap//im not packin a gat i dont roll like that but ill roll my sleeves up an ill fuccin scrap//i break it down like this as if im breakin ya back an im connected like wc cube n mack//dont fucc wid this cuz other rhymes dont flow yo ass'll get kidnapped like in mexico//just call me the bad guy like al pacino stick your head in the sand as if it was yayo//yo my name aint simon but you'll do what i sez or you gonna get a right hook to your fuccin head// blood all over your shirt when im speakin my words// spit so violent have yo ass in a hurse layin in a wooden box 6 feet under the dirt//this the best you heard the others second n third//
broke as fuck an i think ima end up doin a bird(prison)//but on the real now people the streets is a life sentence im apllyin fo jobs but dont get no acceptance//they pushin me further away from the right to stay away from the wrong you gotta struggle an fight//an they wonder why we stealin killin an drug dealin cus they wont let us b legit an thats somethin that needs healin//bush an blair they dont really care they be treatin people like they aint even there//wars in iraq all over jack an i aint political i jus tryna fight back so if you fellin this rymes my people holla back but you suck my dick if yu think this rhymes wak

peace :banana_dss:
"The title im holdin is to prestigious you fuck wid me you better be religious cuz only god can save ya wen locdogg blaze ya just like purple hazea i wont just graze ya im goin for da kill gettin so much head you should call me bill