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"West Side"
« on: May 04, 2005, 07:09:15 AM »
[size=08pt]I was supposed to have died quite a long Time Ago
yet I'm alive, thrivin' on the fact that I Shine w/ Flows
it's much deeper than just knowing that life's so Fragile
in my heart, I know this road I Travel's a deadly Battle
perhaps my mother should have had an Abortion
to avoid this DiSSAZTR of such epic Proportions
not tryin' to be negative, just explorin' Possibilities
these days, it doesn't even matter if you Got Abilities
I strictly groove & vibe to the beat of my aorta Pumpin'
I spread my mood, it's live, when I speak you know I ain't Frontin'
my brain's stimulated, creatin' electromagnetic Impulses
combine pain, wisdom & music and here's what the Result Is
though I'm not a tough guy, thug, gangster, Killer Or Pimp
I stay Spillin' My Ink on pages, so my Skillz Make You Think
I'm merely a young ghetto mutt, strivin' to Get By
Where Everyone Strives To Survive In Darkness Everyday...
(W.E.S.T. S.I.D.E.*)[/size]