Author Topic: Something I've Noticed About Major Media's Coverage of Iraq Lately......  (Read 68 times)

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I boycotte all major news outlets.  The only major news source I see is Yahoo's website because I use their mail.  I always check Al-Jazeera's website for the most accurate news on Iraq.  And all I've been seeing lately at Al-Jazeera is that US Troops are getting shot up left and right, they are attacking the oil pipelines, Iraqi's standing in line who want to join forces with the American occupation and be police officers are being killed before they can even sign up, just in the last day or so a bomb exploded and killed and injured over 100 of them.  And there's even now an increasing insurgency in Afganistan!

Anyway, I went to Yahoo today to check my mail and there wasn't a word of any of this in their major news headlines.  So I checked the newspapers outside and there's nothing on the major headlines there, either.

I remember in mid-2003 when it was front page news if just one US soldier died in Iraq.  Then soldiers were still dying, but election time was starting to come around and slowly the stories became sidebars and back page news on major media outlets. 

I think it's intentional, the Government has such a heavy influence on media I think they have suggested to the media to decrease their coverage of the growing resistance in Iraq and Afganistan.  War sells, yet still, the major news media is not covering these stories.

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People are finally getting it through their heads that people die during war I guess. People in the U.S. are sick of the media acting as if every death was cataclysmic end of the world type shit. The same crap they pull with a big thunder storm. They make it look like apocalypse is coming.

I wouldn't put too much merit in to any news organization. They ALL have an agenda. Some just bigger than others.

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come on saying al-jezeera is the most accurate station is a load of bollocks, they are extremely anti american and that will influence what stories they report and what they surpress and also to what extent they exaggerate on things (cos they all do it!), this is the same with all media outlets the best thing to do is strike a balance.

and for your information all that stuff you mentioned about afganistan and iraq i've heard on the news except they report that explosion as 50 people being killed, but maybe the death toll rose later. But also consider the british press is a lot more free than the american press

iraq would just get annexed by iran

That would be a great solution.  If Iran and the majority of Iraqi's are pleased with it, then why shouldn't they do it?