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Ultimate Car Fiends Thread
« on: August 01, 2002, 04:53:16 PM »
ayo i know we must have many car fanatics including my self...What do you drive ,custom additions, rims, Sound Systems...Right now i drive a Dodge Raider which is kinda like an older Jeep looking Off road thing...This shit is clean.The first day i got it i pimped the inside out to the max...I ripped the back seats out and Carpeted the floors. put new sport seats in the front..I put my Pioneer XM ready radio in with my Pioneer 760 watt amp with the 2 Bazooka 12 inch subs..It bumps farely well..I tinted the windows limo black..I set up all my lighting..Including 2 accent lights up front under foot area on dash..Neon String lighting around Stereo concole and up on the dash a little..2 neon blue lights under the seat..1 blacklight in the back near the subs..Its very clean almost show looking..The other day i bought the PS1 with the 5in Color LCD screen and hooked it up..Its ultra comfortable..and dope to cruise and parking lot pimp...I got no rims yet...But i am getting it painted for free with two racign stripes cuz i got hook ups at the import shop...Tell me about yo whip.....Peace
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