Author Topic: What are the best trainers/sneakers ever in your opinion? - (post pics)  (Read 91 times)


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also cant forget nike air max USA from back in the day, 1994 shit  8)

cant find a pic of those on the net for the life of me  :'(
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Dunks :D


Don Seer

i copped a pair of all-white adidas superstar's with gold trim the other day...  got em from a dude in hong kong via ebay

would classify as the best in some peoples books. not mine though.. they're aiight for certain occasions.. but the globe mumford's i'm wearing now are infinitely more comfortable


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35th anniveseray(however thats spelt) superstars with black laces, i think they're called "32star" or something

Don Seer

^ yeah i know the ones..

they made 35 different superstar variants for the anniv


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Loving them lately.