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CREDITS: Cage - Hell's Winter
« on: June 19, 2005, 12:35:54 PM »
Cage - Hell's Winter
Eastern Conference

01 Good Morning NY (ft. El-P, Matt Sweeney and James from Yo La Tengo)
Produced by El-P

02 Too Heavy For Cherubs
Produced by Blockhead

03 Grand Ol' Party Crash (ft. Jello Biafra)
Produced by DJ Shadow

04 The Death Of Chris Palko (ft. Camu Tao)
Produced by Camu Tao and El-P

05 Stripes
Produced by Blockhead and El-P

06 Shoot Frank (ft. Daryl Palumbo)
Produced by RJD2

07 Scenester
Produced by Blockhead

08 Perfect World
Produced by El-P and Camu Tao

09 The Subtle Art Of The Breakup Song
Produced by El-P

10 Peeranoia
Produced by Pawl

11 Weathermen Gang (ft. Aesop Rock, El-P, Tame 1 and Yak Ballz)
Produced by Camu Tao and El-P

12 Public Property
Produced by Camu Tao

13 Lord Have Mercy
Produced by El-P

14 Hell's Winter
Produced by El-P with Matt Sweeney on the guitar