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As usual, DubCNN brings you the hottest Interviews with the star's of today, yesterday and tomorrow! We had the pleasure of being the first Media Outlet to Interview Los Angeles' own BLUNTS LLA. In this Exclusive First look at the emcee, we talk about his Mixtape entitled "CITY OF GODS" which is out now. He tells us about his past label situations, his influences, the origins of his name, how he signed to BYI Entertainment and much more.

Not only do we speak with Blunts, but we got the chance to talk with the CEO of BYI Entertainment, Luis "LuLu" Torres. He gives his insight on the Industry, the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene, as well as other topics. Check out all this and more, in the EXCLUSIVE First look at Blunts the Latin Lyrical Assassin!

Peep the Blunts L.L.A. Video Interview! (Transcription Pending)

Here is the Tracklisting featuring 4 Exclusive Tracks from the Mixtape:

01. Live (From The City Gods)
02. City of Gods (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I. Ent.)
03. 1234 Shots Freestyle
04. A Visit From Pun
05. Armed Robbers Feat. Big Pun (Tribute) (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I. Ent)
06. Incredibles Freestyle
07. Look At Us Now Pt. 2 (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I Ent.)
08. Fall Back Freestyle
09. The Struggle Continues
10. What Made It Happen (Narrated by: LuLu)
11. Here Comes Blunts LLA - Whookid freestyle
12. Same Story On The Block (Produced by: M. Hughes for
13. I Have Anything You Need Skit
14. Souffle (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I. Ent.)
15. Merz - Introduction To The Game (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I. Ent.)
16. Like An Uzi Skit
17. Lyricali - Officially In It! (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I Ent.)
18. Look At Us Now Pt. 1
19. Step N 2 The Sun Pt. 2 (Libertad!) (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I Ent.)
20. Don’t Trust Anybody
21. Forsaken... A West Side Story (Produced by: Javie Lopez)
22. La Ultima Cancion / The Last Song (Produced by: Rome for B.Y.I Ent.)

Cop The Mixtape At

Special Thanks to my boy Junior of and the RapTalk Media Group for all his efforts in Filming and Editing this Video! Also, shouts to him for making it possible for DubCNN to hit you with all this Exclusive Video and Audio! Stay Bossed up!

Shouts to LuLu, Blunts and BYI! The Time Is NOW!

Fuck a Crazy Nerd!

Enjoy! for the exclusive Video Interview and MP3 Audio