Author Topic: Game is the undisputed King of L.A.!!!!  (Read 1366 times)

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Re: Game is the undisputed King of L.A.!!!!
« Reply #101 on: July 03, 2005, 10:13:01 AM »
And when you did live in Cali you wasn't even in Compton.

Why do you think I said when you WERE in Cali, you dumb bitch.

I'm soft? You talk like a five year old. Censoring your own words. Eat a dick. You're just doing to Game what Game did to G-Unit.

This from a ****** named G Unot??? :tosser:

My name is G-Unot cuz Game and G-Unit are all being bitches, mainly 50 Cent and Game, of course. They're either faking this beef or they're both pussies. If I was already known by the cops to have killed somebody, I wouldn't be afraid of doing it again.


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Re: Game is the undisputed King of L.A.!!!!
« Reply #102 on: July 03, 2005, 05:23:00 PM »
u dam straight g, i dont listen to fake shit any wayz

Being the king of anywhere "like LA for example" starts with longivity,  MC EIHT has that.  Plus, he brings heat everytime.  I have been a fan of EIHT/CMW since 1991 when Growin up in the Hood drop.  Game has been out maybe two years tops.  So there is no comparison.  Game is ok, but he is popular because he is under the hottest label right out.  Lets see if he could push weight like EIHT when he no longer with the Aftermath staff and no longer that "new hot artist"    MC EIHT should be consider the King of LA because he has been representing the west and compton for nearly 20 years.

PS: Thatz just like saying Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan after just two years in the game.  Itz a bit premature do you think.  Wait ten years, then make the comparison.

u speak the truth man thanks for seeing it how i do, most of these mother fuckers are kidds so thay just big up the only poepl thay see on mtv, bitches, mc eiht has quit 2 majour record companys, Mack 10s hoo bangin, reason is cos eiht doesent think he is real, he also quit Epic, cos tahy wanted him 2 be like puffy whn he broke out big, and i mean who the fuck wants 2 do that, but the game would do it in a instant, thant y he hasnet droped any thin yet cos hes scared and he dieing to get back wid gay unit,

biggboyy you dickride too much
& the MC Eight  guy you jus mad
cuz MC Eight is not talked about
as much as Game they both cool
but West Coast rappers going
Indy is what help put the West
where it is

its Eiht prick, indi is for fags, and mc eiht is at the center of this west side gangster shit, check veterans day stupid prick