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J. Wells Digital Master Review
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1. Digital Smoke-Starts of with an excellent beat and gets you amped to hear the rest of the pretty sure this is wells only verse on here, but its pretty impressive.......hes got the flows & lyrics but he choses to stay behind the boards for the rest of the album-4.5/5

2. Sonic-Short skit with King Tee giving Wells a shout out

3. Unstoppable-This is Bishop Lamont! This guy is off the chain.....really he spits fire through 3 short verses.....Js beat bangs hard and is the perfect track for the kind of style Bishop has.....Wells is also on the hook too...great first full track-5/5

4. It Don't Stop-Beat starts off banging hard, but once the verses start he throws in some keys that kinda take away from the pound....Method Man is on here and comes with a great verse, in fact better than Alkaholik's J-Ro does on the second verse. A new cat named K-B I Mean comes on last and has a pretty dope verse...this is still a solid track-4/5

5. Beat It Up-Short skit of J-Ro with a girl talking about beatin it up

6. Get It On-Nice uptempo track that you would throw on at a party......only thing is this guy Dirty Ray completeley outshines Kurupt on here.....Gotti kills me with those ABC rhymes....While they do talk about different subject matter, Dirty flows the best on this track, coming off lookin like a vet....3.5/5

7. The Noize-Short skit of Chuck D givin Bonzi a shout

8. We Don't Care-A very innovative beat here....sounds like something Del might rap over, and the MC even sounds likes him. His name is Stylistikz, and he has more of a backpacker type approach to him, but he rides the beat very well and does have lyricism...the hook is trash though, takes away from the song a bit-4/5

9. Making A Beat-E-Swift of The Liks beat-boxing

10. Paragraphs of Pleasure-Damn this some heat right here..I guess the name of the group is YA....its Kurupt, Roscoe, Tri-Star & Bizzle and they drop 2 verses each...first of all Kurupt redeems himself on this one spittin real clean verses along with Scoldie & Tri.....Bizzles kinda wack but it dont really matter cuz the other 3 come of and the beat is bangin too!-5/5

11. Smoking Interlude-funny skit with J-Ro & E-Swift coughin & smokin'

12. One Shot Kill-Great song, great MC, great producer on here....Jayo is one of the top 10 hardest spitters in the world, 3 short verses but this guy is so cold, its all good...
its can actully be more benificial, a short track that gets right to the point.......I wouldnt really say that its better than the original "One Shot Kill" because they have 2 completely differnent vibes to em-5/5

13. San Diego-Wells introduces the Mitchy track

14. Platinum Dreams-This suprised the shit out of me! Not typical Mitchy, but this is cool....its also not your typical westcoast beat, but this shit bangs, and once you listen to it, it will grow on you....Mitch talks about being a platinum rapper with videos on BET & MTV....thats where he wants to be at, and with tracks like this, its gonna make it much easier for him in the future to get on...Slick is also an underatted lyricist....everythings working on this one-5/5

15. ATL-Bonzi shouting out the Dungeon Fam

16. Play Your Flutes-A song from summer 04, but it stills gets rotation.....Sleepy Brown starts off singing, hes got a good voice & smooth flow and then kurupt rides the beat and flow laid-back but still very well.....Goodie Mob are next, and T-Mo & Gipp have the better verses talking about inspirational things.....cant forget about Khuji Goodie either, he did his thing too-4.5/5

17. It's All Big-Big controversy about this beat, I know for a fact that on Goldie Loc's Loc'ed Out album, he has the same beat and Im pretty sure some pop rap artist  ( Nelly, Fat Joe, Neptunes? ) has also used it...being that its kinda an annoying party pop beat, but heres the catch: Planet Asia raps over it, this sounds like it was crafted to be a single for him....Asias got great rhymes & flow, but this beat is so annoying & repetive...skip it-3/5

18. Thats Likwit-Short track with J-Ro rapping over an old-school styled beat.....kinda sounds like something off of Coast II Coast....Nice lyrics, but Ro's flow is kinda weak-

19. Incredible Hulk-Dope track on here, Dirty Rat comes dope again over a harder styled beat than Get it On but rips is, as does Likwid Tash on here. Its good to Tash again, I hadnt heard much in the last year 1/2....both MCs shine on this track and Dirty holds his own with one of the Wests best-4/5

20. Free YG-Wells gives a shout out to incarcarted YA member YG

21. 10 Years-YG comes on here, another banging track, where he talks about getting a 10 year lacking knowledge on what happened or when he went to jail, you cant really tell if this was recorder after he came out or before he went in....regardless, this dude comes off dope, hes got a real thick Southern twang to his voice, but he has good lyrics, and a great Wells beat to round it out-4/5

22. It's Bishop-I don't really have to say much about this one...this is what put most of us on to Bishop and he shits all over the track...vicious, witty battle rhymes is what dude has, and he WILL blow-5/5

This was a horribly promoted album, but some of the most quality production on here from J. Wells in the last 4 years....many MCs on here, but they are mostly from the LA area, and wack verses are very few on this joint....I wouldnt mind hearing Wells rap a little bit more, but I'm not complaningwith his choices of MCs here-

4.3 out of 5

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dope review. one shot kill is my favorite too, hands down. look for an interview with styliztik jones soon.


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thanks for the support......ill be puttin up some newer shit within the week......any requests?