Author Topic: I love how the victims have become the oppresors and the oppressors have become.  (Read 382 times)


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yeah thats Crazy


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people are too quick to label the anybod in the muslim religon as terroist. >:(
i agree and i think everyone has a point on here. all muslims shouldnt be classified as terrorists just as all mexicans shouldnt classified as immigrants or all whites as racists, or all arabs as muslims. i kknow what it feels like cause this shit happens everyday in life to everyone. but i also wanted to ask this, is bombing any kind of innocent people wrong? just ask urself this in in ur head and just answer with a simple yes or no. im pretty sure the answer will be no. whether it be muslims americans anyone. its wrong. then why do it? there is nothinh u can do to justifiy something that is wrong. thats why they call it wrong. if americans bomb muslims, its wrong, if muslims bomb americans its wrong. tech dont sit here and blame other people for one's actions. everyone controls what they do. i know u cant help what other people do, but saying that the people deserve it and theyre evil isnt right. now matter how u spin it. i know that a lot of muslims have been killed and u are mad for that. shit i would be mad too, but its like if u were to kill someone lets say from a crip gang, and the crip gang got mad and came after you and u werent home, so they kill ur family who didnt do shit but be at ur house at that specific time., does that make it right??? they didnt have anything to do with it, thats what u would tell ur self. so now the crip gang is saying, yeah they got what they deserved because theyre evil and they are related to tech and they live in his home so that makes them against us. i dont know if this helps but just thought id give my own opinion on things. im not against u or anything cause i definitely see where ur coming from, but i just wanted u to see things from my point of view without all this name calling shit. so yeah my two cents