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50 bars of insight
« on: July 05, 2005, 01:37:55 AM »
and i told em i'd come back and top the charts
no love for this game so i dropped the hearts
and told em i'd be back to spit and leave a mark
it was rough then its rough now, and i greive the start
of the new dynasty forever be told
i hope i live long and forever be old
live long and happy cause cash aint an addiction
i knew i'd come back, but it was just a prediction
to false elements and soon to fatigue to a new level
trashed my crap and now i want to start on the true level
you devil, hands off i rip coats with my fist
and see your cape shreaded up now its pissed
cause you missed your mark and hit the wrong man
bullets ring through a street and now its done man
ha, it never finishes bullets dont die they just stay dormant
waiting to wake up and flash a nigga and have his chest absorb it
and this rap is boring, its history is none cause we start new slate
hand me the paper and pen im writin all day, i'll catch the news late
and you hate the criticism cause its everlasting
talking and talking but niggas is never blasting
clips lay in the shelf dusty and untouched
just relax and feel your chest that gun touched
and dropped you down, like a big bag of rocks
no hood is better than another dont brag ya blocks
cause a bullets a bullet and a holes a hole
and when that split second ends your whole life is foretold
im goin on and on and seeing if my eyes can see
i know whats set to happen and i believe
what is done is done and future is what i look to
i like to play sports and chill, see this is where i shook you
on the court and on the field, i tear up the ground
im not like anyone else, im the dude you stare up and down
like who is he? he tight he cool, but why dont he spit
cause he's shy of making an impact but why dont he sit
down and just relax and write rhymes
and protect the streets with my lines, and use my paper and pen to fight crimes
thats right, thats sounds just about straight
the path to god is short and narrow, and its just about faith
who got what, and who shine who,
imma continue spittin until you find you
get in touch with yourself and not your chains
acessories make us weaker and narrow our brains
to only like what shines in colors that look nice
and its you that wants to stay cold so you took nice
and it look right, but its got flaws
chew up your meal ticket like you got jaws
in your mouth when you speak i hear nothin that intrigues me
im not into this rap game as i use to son, believe me
it starts at a certain place and its got to end
you can be hip with the world, but you'll never cop the trend

Mr. O

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Re: 50 bars of insight
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2005, 11:58:28 AM »
feeling ya on this...good concept.....
got luv for  ya homie..keep it up.
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Re: 50 bars of insight
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