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« on: July 17, 2005, 11:38:21 AM »
Little African kids dying of starvation,
Cos we as a nation are to busy debatin,
Whether to make trade justice and finally free debt,
But as we talk about this, theres another hundred dead,
Little girls barly breathin, cells no longer healing,
AIDS got em freezing in the heat of the evening,
But its hard for us to hand over our money,
Cos the pounds probably go to the corrupt companies,
That sit in the system taking from the givers,
Militants sittin on riches notin but boot fillers,
Who steal whats given just to profit no sweat,
Thats why just given em money wont help the debt,
So we gotta give em seeds and the will to live,
Cos we as human beings gotta learn to give,
Give em the right to start trading, an lives will start saving,
An they can live in happyness no more orfaned babies,
So we gotta cease the problems, before its to late,
Cos they're our problems to and thats why they so great,


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Re: Problems!
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damn that was sick. i liked the content it was very deep

hope glimmers

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Re: Problems!
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i loved it... i miss reading your stuff havent been here in a while :'(
love stinks yeah yeah