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Cool site, but look at this gay ass long list of rules for members of their forum. imagine if some one tried that here.

Thank you for registering on, the Internet's most respected online discussion forum for alternative and conspiracy topics.

Your registration is being reviewed by our senior staff. If you are approved, you'll receive your password shortly. Approvals by our senior staff typically take no longer than 24 hours.

The network of discussion boards and websites is the Internet's largest and most active places for the discussion of alternative topics such as political conspiracies, aliens, paranormal studies, and related topics. Because of our size and new member rate of often over 100 per day, we've adopted several rules that help to serve as a guideline for how to approach participating in our discussions. Please take the time to review these links, as your initial experience will be significantly more rewarding when it is an informed initial experience.

One Line Responses
These interrupt the flow of discussion and add unnecessary bandwidth to threads.
Warnings for One Line Responses

Large or Excessive Post Quoting
Another nuisance which is often abused, quoting entire posts.
Warnings for excessive quoting, and how to quote

Serious Offense Warnings
Circumventing the censors, insulting members, and being an overall jerk can result in more serious warnings.
Staff Warnings

Automatic Censors
Our automatic vulgarity censors are in-place for good reason.
Vulgarity and The Automatic ATS Censors

ATS Etiquette
A good general guide as to how we attempt to manage the flow of! discussion.
General ATS discussion etiquette

Escalation of Action
General "rules of thumb" for how we deal with troublemakers (in some cases, such as spammers, we take much swifter action than described here).
Actions for general abuse and Terms and Conditions violations.

Repeat Topics
It's getting more and more difficult to find new topics, here's our standard for dealing with repeated topics.
All about repeat topics and what to do about them.

How to Complain
Complaints (or suggestions) are immediately posted to the private staff-only forum. All complaints are seen and discussed.
Complaint & Suggestions Form

Our Points System
An alternative to post-count for measuring and rewarding member part! icipation.
The points system. (updated)

Terms And Conditions
All members must agree to these when you first join ATS.
Terms And Conditions Of Use

Avatars and Signatures
Finally, our rules for your avatars and signatures.
Avatar and Signature Guidelines

More information on our community can be found in this forum: Board Information. While this may seem like a lot of "rules and regulations", it is a necessary requirement in the growth and evolution of any large digital community.