Author Topic: New "Insights" indicate we actually influence our own "accidents"  (Read 69 times)

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Philosopher James Redfield, in what he calls the tenth insight, teaches that the body is not just a machine, with parts that eventually wear out and have to be fixed or replaced.   The health of the body is determined to a great degree by our mental processes: what we think of life and especially of ourselves, at both the conscious and unconsious levels.   (This goes back to previous posts I've made about the power of the subconsious mind.)

He goes on to say that the inner attitude of the person is what is crucial and ultimately influences the condition of that person.  A key factor is fear and stress and the way we handle it.  Sometimes the fear is conscious, but very often we repress it entirely.

Our unspoken fears create blocks or crimps in the body's energy flow, and it's these blocks that ultimately result in problems, mentally, physically, or even lead to "accidents".  Often the "accident" comes from a need to avoid the situation.  Accidents, illness, healing, they're all more mysterious than any of us ever imagined.  We have an undiscovered ability to influence what happens to us in the future, including whether we are healthy.[/i]

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Re: New "Insights" indicate we actually influence our own "accidents"
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I dont doubt it to some extent, but not all bad shit that occurs in our life is of our own hand.